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About Last Night: Someone Pooped the Bed and Other Shocking Revelations

The contestants on MTV's The Challenge: Rivals just can't keep their bowel movements to themselves. On last night's episode, someone pooped in Cara Maria's bed and everyone pretty much went insane. [Watch]

Snooki, everyone's favorite poof-coifed tangerine, popped in on Late Night to help explain the mysterious romantic goings-on between her and fellow Jersey Shore star The Situation. To quote Snooks: "He got a little too creepy." Mystery solved! [Watch]

Oh, dear. Twilight role-stealer Bryce Dallas Howard appeared on Chelsea Lately to finally tell the world about her "massive crotch sweat" problem, a moisture issue she faced while filming her new movie, The Help. Celebrities: they're just like us! [Watch]

Watch out, Rebecca Black and Taylor Swift! Pop stardom is no longer the realm of wizened teenagers and love-scorned twentysomethings. Six-year-old beauty pageant survivor superstar Eden Wood's light was shining too bright for Toddlers and Tiaras, so she's focusing her talent laser on — what else? — becoming the next prepubescent pop sensation! [Watch]

Speaking of Rebecca Black, the 16-year-old, end-of-the-week-obsessed singer defied haters and performed her hit single "Friday" on Wednesday's America's Got Talent, after which the show's producers heatedly debated the meaning of life. [Watch]