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Dancing With The Stars

Louis Van Amstel Tells Sharon Osbourne How Kelly Changed His Life

How do we sign up for the full Louis van Amstel treatment? The Dancing With the Stars pro is like a guardian health angel for his celeb partners, but especially Kelly Osbourne. On The Talk — which is co-hosted by Kelly’s outspoken mother Sharon — Louis explained how he and Kelly changed each other’s lives two years ago on DWTS Season 9.

"You were the one person that changed my daughter's life for the better,” Sharon tells him. “She came to you as a lost young girl and left you a woman." That sounds pretty bow-chicka-bow-bow so Sharon quickly adds, “And there was no sex involved!”

For Louis, that was the start of a deep friendship that continues today. "She changed me too,” he says. “How real she was and so honest. She was the biggest inspiration in America ever on Dancing With the Stars because she was so courageous to put her heart on the line."

Kelly was honest about everything — and still is — and said whatever was on her mind. ("Gee, I wonder where she gets that from?" Julie Chen quips as Sharon bites her lip.) That was his biggest surprise in Kelly — how well-spoken she was. He was worried at first what was going to come out of her mouth on camera, but he was impressed with how she handled herself.

Kelly lost 35 pounds on DWTS and Louis said it was a combination of dancing and healthier lifestyle habits.

Here are two things Louis told Kelly he didn’t want to do:

1. Step on a scale. People expect quick results and get discouraged if they don't see it on the scale right away, he said. And on DWTS as people get stronger they often gain muscle weight first. It’s more important to gauge success by how you feel, not the number on the scale.

2. Stop eating. Everyone thinks if you stop eating you will lose weight, but you will gain weight. Louis even went grocery shopping for Kelly, which is an awesome bonus. If people are told they can’t have something, that’s the thing they want. So Louis not only insisted Kelly not starve herself, he would set times during rehearsals for them to stop and eat.

Kelly still looks thin and stylish today and she is definitely just as outspoken. But is she finally doing her own grocery shopping? And is Louis available for laundry bookings, too?