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The Bachelorette

Mickey McLean on Being Recruited for The Bachelorette, Losing His Job as a Result

Not everyone can go away for a while to be on a TV show, then hop right back into work. Ali Fedotowsky saved her employment status when she chose work over Jake Pavelka in Season 14 of The Bachelor. But unlike Ali, Ryan”Mickey” McLean, who walked out on Ashley Hebert in Season 7, didn’t have that good fortune. He told

I was a chef, but I had to leave for a couple months for the show, and the kitchen's not a place where you can just take a leave of absence. Now that I've been back, I've been bartending, which is nice. There are a lot of people who come in and are fans of the show. Once things start to die down here I hope to be back in the kitchen, but I always say I don't really plan too far out into the future.

According to, Mickey is bartending this summer at Hiroshi's Pub in Beachwood, in case you want to stop by and give him big you-deserve-better tips.

Turns out it was his Cosmo connection (he was named their 2010 Bachelor of the Year) that landed him on The Bachelorette to begin with.

ABC gave me a call after the Cosmo feature first came out, before I was even Bachelor of the Year. I kept in touch back and forth with them to learn a little bit about the show, which I had never watched — until I was on it.

Risky move! Speaking of, Mickey told Cosmo that the stealing-a-kiss-upon-first-meeting thing from the Season 7 premiere isn’t a move he would consider pulling with a lady in real life. But, he revealed, he had his reasons:

I knew that I was going to be one of the first guys out of the limo, and I knew there would be a lot of memorable guys behind me. Based on that, I had to go for it and hope that Ashley wouldn’t take it too seriously. It would at least give us some kind of conversation point later in the party, and that's exactly what happened. Later in the night as soon as I sat down, she remembered my name and who I was. I think it worked out all right for me because I wasn't sent home that night!

She also probably remembered who he was because he’s hot. And, apparently, Mickey’s hotness is on the market right now. So could this chef-bartender-non planner have a chance at becoming ABC’s next Bachelor? Better yet, would YOU want him to be?

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