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American Idol

New Report: Jennifer Lopez Has Not Signed American Idol Contract

Have we been fooled by the rocks that she's got? Although Nigel Lythgoe gleefully announced that Jennifer Lopez would return to American Idol, it turns out the deal isn't completely set in stone. In fact, J.Lo hasn't even signed the contract!

The Insider caught up with the Nigel at the So You Think You Can Dance taping for a little clarification. The AI producer admitted that Jennifer has not signed on the dotted line yet. So why did Nigel even bother to declare her triumphant return? He says, "Well, I made that big announcement based on the fact, I know she wants to do it and we want her to do it." Sorry, Lythgoe, but that doesn't exactly sound like a legally binding contract to us.

Still, Nigel seems nonplussed by that tiny technicality and remains hopeful he can keep all three judges together for another season. But The Insider suspects Nigel had some ulterior motives with his premature announcement. They theorize that Nigel's confirmation would put more pressure on Jennifer to sign the contract. After all, how would it look if she were to suddenly back out of the deal?

At this point, we're a little tired of the "will she, won't she?" roller coaster American Idol has us on. We need the show to make a decision already or perhaps nab one of our equally-qualifed replacement judges.

Source: The Insider

08.11.2011 / 11:46 PM EDT by Angeline Candido
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