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The Vampire Diaries

Season 3 Spoilers! Why Damon Might Delay His Search for Stefan

It’s undeniable that Damon loves his brother, but with Stefan ripping his way around the country, Damon’s relationship with Elena will finally be given space to blossom. So will that stop Damon from searching for his lost bro?

Not completely, executive producer Kevin Williamson tells TV Guide. “His relationship is building with Elena in a very nice way, so that maybe he's not trying as hard as he should to find Stefan," Williamson reveals. However, Williamson says the fanged hottie won’t feel right about that, either. Deep down, of course he wants to find the younger Salvatore, but can we really blame the guy for kinda taking advantage of the situation?

On Stefan’s end, the coiffed cutie will play detective while MIA. “It's really going to be about the journey for Stefan: What's Klaus up to? What's Klaus' use for him? It twists and turns in a bunch of different ways that are surprising,” Williamson says.

Is it wrong to hope it takes Stefan a good chunk of time to figure this all out?

Source: TV Guide