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True Blood

True Blood Star Fiona Shaw Says Marnie Isn’t So Bad

Fiona Shaw (Marnie) says her witchy villain is just misunderstood. “She’s just getting on, practicing her little religion, and in comes this big thug who says she can’t practice it. What happened to democracy?” she tells NY Mag.

Well, the Founding Fathers probably didn’t take the undead into account. Except maybe Hamilton. He had that vampire look about him.

In any case, poor Marnie’s just a conduit for Antonia’s havoc, right? Not necessarily, says Fiona. “Well, the question would be, is Antonia running Marnie, or is Marnie running Antonia?”

Antonia is running the show, we think. Isn’t that usually how possession works?

“What happens in True Blood is they put two ideas together, and a baby is born in the third idea. Antonia has a particular axe to grind, because of her own rape and murder [in the 17th century]. But Antonia’s the most unlikely person to make non-vampires do something against their will, or hold hostages; she seeks only the willing. She only entered Marnie because Marnie begged her to. But Marnie has a deep desire to make her mark on the world, because she’s been overlooked. When Antonia infused Marnie, it brought out Marnie’s latent powers. And being empowered has had a huge effect on her ego. Her entire deportment changes, because how you carry yourself is all about how you feel about yourself.”

Nothing like being possessed by a centuries-old revenge-crazed spirit to improve your posture.

Source: NY Mag

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