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Jersey Shore

“Is This the Vatican?” Best Quotes from Jersey Shore Season 4, Episode 2

Pauly D bit off more (tongue) than he could chew! Snooki had absolutely no idea where in the world she was! Jersey Shore Season 4, Episode 2 was chock full of oratory gems — so put on a clean T-shirt, slap on some fake tan, and check out our personal faves.

10. JWOWW: "Making coffee in Italy is like making coffee in the 1600s."
Kindly don't offend the 17th century with your stupidity, please.

9. Pauly: "We ended up making out, it was fun. She's a good kisser, I'm a good kisser."
Yes, well done on not drawing blood while biting each others' tongues.

8. Deena: "Is this the Vatican?" tied with, Snooki: "I love Rome! I mean, Italy!"
Somebody smack these girls upside the head with a map, please.

7. JWOWW: "Where's the closest bathroom? I'm trying not to piss in public...again."
Housebroken at last!

6. Vinny: "It looks like Beauty and the Beast or some s**t. I feel like people are gonna start singing out their windows."
Piss them off for a few weeks, Vinny, and we're sure they'll be throwing rotten tomatoes out of those windows.

5. Deena: "I'm so proud of myself for not falling last night."
I'm so proud of you for not remembering that you fell 17 times last night, Deena.

Credit: Photo courtesy of MTV © and TM MTV Networks    

4. Sammi: "I don't know how people can sleep the whole damn day away — I can't."
Is she deluded, or has she just not watched the first three seasons? — You know the ones where she stays in bed, crying in her sweatpants, all day long.

3. Snooki: "F**k Deena please."
Frankly, we're sick of Snooki beating around the bush.

2. Deena: "My game plan is: flirt with Pauly, make out with him a few times, then who knows — maybe his Italian sausage will be in my [bleep]."
We couldn't quite tell what word MTV bleeped out, but we have a feeling it wasn't "secret family recipe for pasta sauce."

1. JWOWW: "When I'm 80 years old and I'm making pizza in my kitchen, and I'm teaching my kids how to make pizza, and they ask me 'Oh, where'd you make pizza?' Bitch, I made it in Florence. That's where I made pizza, so shut your mouth and enjoy my pizza."
With those kinds of life skills, she should write a cookbook and a parenting book.