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About Last Night: Emma Stone’s Livestock Addiction

If you were busy anticipating a nasty spill from a stilt-walker on Project Runway (which never happened, fortunately) or waiting for Mary "Hot Tamale Train" Murphy to burst your other eardrum on the So You Think You Can Dance finale, then here's some bite-sized TV goodness that you probably missed last night:

On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, starring-in-every-movie-this-summer actress Emma Stone shared her secret online addiction with America, and it is FarmVille. Emma became so enchanted with its social agriculture antics that she had to drop Facebook altogether. And now she's scared of Twitter, too. [Watch at Gawker]

Liam Hemsworth Sam Worthington went on The Tonight Show to talk about his next subversive film project with indy darling James Cameron: the sequel to art-house sensation Avatar. [Watch at AolTV]

What are Russian Dolls, anyway? Well, according to Lifetime, they're like the kids on Jersey Shore, except they live in Brooklyn, some are a little older, and they only date other Russian dolls. That's something, right? [Watch at AolTV]

If you're wondering what Mr. Gwen Stefani has been up to, wonder no more! Gavin Rossdale is alive and well and guest-starring on Burn Notice, a show that is slowly taking over the world. [Watch at AolTV]