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The Bachelor

Bachelor Vets Take Sides in the Battle of Jake vs. Vienna

It’s good that both Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi have their defenders — or, haters, rather — even in The Bachelor family.

Jesse Csincsak, who won Bachelorette Season 4 and now hosts the highly entertaining Bachelor Pad Beatdown, has met Jake and is not a fan. (Join the club!) Krisily Kennedy, Bachelor Pad Season 1 alum, has met Vienna and is not a fan. However, the BP2 contestant to steal both their hearts is former Bachelor “villain” Michelle Money. Go figure!

Here’s Jesse’s thoughts on Jake from his BP2 blog for the official Bachelor site, starting with his personal experience meeting the Season 15 Bachelor:

Member what talking to the toy robot your mom got you for Christmas was like? Yep that was pretty much it. [...] Jake, like I told you in LA when we spoke, [...o]nce you just own up to wanting to be famous you will be all set. Maybe then people might actually gain some respect for you? Just own up to being an actor! That’s what actors do, they pretend. The fake apologies and always acting like a robot needs to stop! […] I can guarantee you that Jake’s PR team sat him in a room for days going over every possible scenario of what might happen and how to handle it and he still blew it. Jake, I know some awesome male and female acting coaches so when you find out which side of the fence you want to play on just tell me and I will hook you up.

On the other hand, Michelle got rave reviews:

This girl is another perfect example of going on TV, getting a bad edit and having people like me bash you. But, she took her haters like a big girl and then stuck around long enough to prove to people that she is one of the sweetest girls on earth. Love you!

Krisily also shared her love for Michelle on her personal website:

I am pulling for Michelle to win, and I think she can. One she is a great person and will do GREAT things with the money, two she knows how to read people, three she is likeable, and 4 she is an actress, all great and all helpful in winning so I am TEAM MICHELLE MONEY.

Krisily was less enthusiastic about the current love/hate triangle involving Jake, Vienna and her former “best friend” Kasey Kahl:

I never really liked Jake until I met him and he is actually a pretty nice guy. Kasey and I were best friends for a while and confided in each other for many, many things and all that changed when he started dating Vienna. Vienna and I never really got along,mostly because I just don’t believe that some of the things she does are very respectful, but also because if you are going to live your life a certain way than own it, don’t play the victim, own it and move on.

Hm, sound familiar? She continued her critique of Vienna:

[I]f you meet someone within a circle of friends multiple (5-6) times and each time you pretend you don’t know them, in my book, your not a great person because no one is that important and you are not too good to remember a friends name. [..] Everyone thinks Jake was stupid for going on the show, but he went on the show for a very specific reason, and no I don’t buy for one bit that it was because he still loves her, I think he went back on the show because America has always seen Vienna as the victim and I think he wanted to show America what Vienna is like.

There’s two sides to every story, but it sounds like even people who know Jake, Vienna, and Kasey can’t agree on which side is right — or at least the lesser of two evils.

What do you think? Are you Team Jake or Team Vienna so far?

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08.12.2011 / 02:34 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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