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Exclusive! Felicity Huffman: Desperate Housewives Changed My Life

Imagine saying goodbye to friends and coworkers after eight super-intense years of early mornings, major life changes, and on-and-off screen drama. That’s what the tight-knit cast of Desperate Housewives will tackle for the next nine months during the eighth and final season of the ABC hit. Wetpaint Entertainment chatted with star Felicity Huffman to get her take on the news, why having a regular gig is like “acting jail,” and what she’ll miss most.

Wetpaint Entertainment: How do you feel after hearing the news?

Felicity Huffman: I’m really sad and I’m really grateful for an amazing eight years. It certainly changed my life. I’m also really grateful for the way ABC is handling it. They’re giving us nine months. They’re not waiting until the ratings come in. They are sacrificing the possibility of year nine to let us go out on a high, the same kind of high that we came in on. And I think that’s really cool.

Teri Hatcher recently said she wanted to do this until she was an old lady with a walker. Did you feel the same?

Yeah, it’s a fantastic job! You have some of the best writers in the business writing for you, you have a fantastic crew, a wonderful cast. The leads are women! Strong, wonderful, complicated women. It doesn’t get much better than that. So I would have liked for it to go on and on, but as I said, I’m really grateful.

Have you talked to your fellow Housewives about the show coming to an end?

We’ve been texting and emailing back and forth. I just talked to Marcia [Cross], and we’re all sad. We’re very sad.

This must open up other doors to you. Have you been turning down projects over the years because of your role on Desperate Housewives?

A few. But you also have to understand you go into acting jail, because people only see you as the character that they’ve experienced for eight years. So to suddenly see Lynette in a Die Hard movie, you’re like, "Why is Lynette Scavo trying to save the world?"

What’s your dream project now?

I’d love to do a period piece. And when my husband [William H. Macy] is done with Shameless — which we hope lives many years — I think we’re going to go to New York for a year and take the family there and do some plays.

What will you miss most?

I’m really going to miss coming to work in the morning. I just love it. I love driving there, I love having a place to go. As an actor, it’s just great to have a job that lasts a long time. You can actually take a vacation and not feel like it’s the end of your career. You have a job to go on to. I’m going to miss that feeling.

08.12.2011 / 07:30 PM EDT by Carita Rizzo
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