JWOWW to Release New Skin Care Line
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Jersey Shore

JWOWW to Release New Skin Care Line

Apparently JWOWW's Black Bronzer line did so well that she's expanding her skin care empire. The Jersey Shore star gave fans a sneak peek of her new skin care line on Facebook, promoting three new products, all of which appear to be geared towards masking/repairing the effects of heavy drinking. That's not entirely a joke.

Clean Slate™ Facial Cleanser with Daily Exfoliants is JWOWW's newly developed face wash, designed to perk your face up after a night of hard partying. It does the trick by removing makeup while gently exfoliating, which is especially useful if you're the type who's miraculously able to wash your face, brush your teeth, and take out your contacts before passing out while completely hammered. (It's a skill.)

New Day™ Eye Therapy Cream de-puffs the under-eye area every morning, while simultaneously working to blur those pesky little lines and wrinkles you may have accumulated after all that smoking and tanning.

Our Little Secret™ Color Enhancing Moisturizer is, of course, the tinted moisturizer of the brand, because it's clearly against the law for a Jersey Shore skin care line to not try to make everyone orange. We're pretty sure "tinted" is a vast understatement for the pigmentation this little cream is likely to provide. This and the eye cream both double as primers, though, so at least you can eliminate a step from your nighttime clubbing facial prep.

The three potions come sold together in a kit under the Australian Gold brand, and will be available in stores starting September 25th, 2011. You won't miss the package — it's got JWOWW's face on it.

So, will you be rushing out to slather JWOWW-branded products all over your face?

Source: Facebook

08.12.2011 / 02:34 AM EDT by Mariella Mosthof
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