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The Vampire Diaries

New Season 3 Scoop! Julie Plec on Matt and Vicki’s “Emotional Journey”

We all know Jeremy Gilbert (Steven R. McQueen) is going to be on one emotional rollercoaster next season with Anna and Vicki in town, but TVD producer Julie Plec says he isn’t gonna be the only one. Vicki’s brother, Matt Donovan (Zach Roerig), will also have to deal with some emotional gunk over the ‘return’ of his dead sibling.

Plec tells Entertainment Weekly that Matt learns about Jeremy’s secret basically before anybody else. And since Matt and Vicki “never really had complete closure,” there’s a lot of weight on Matt’s shoulders to fix things with his sis — so he “tries to convince Jeremy to help him get the closure that he’s needed,” Plec reveals, and, consequently, the duo go on quite an “emotional journey.”

Yep. Try as Matt might, when you live in a town like Mystic Falls, you just can’t swear off the supernatural forever.

Source: Entertainment Weekly