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Jersey Shore

Oops! Mike Gets Some Starstruck Cops in Trouble!

Do not attempt to refresh your browsers; that headline is not jumbled. Yes, The Situation actually managed to get the police of Belmar, New Jersey in trouble for — what else? — failing to bust him for a blatant and unapologetic violation of the law. Apparently, the Jersey Shore star was cruising around Belmar in his Ferrari with two cuties sitting on top of one another in the passenger seat, sans seat belt. Well, that seems safe.

Thankfully, one would think, cops had the good sense to pull him over. Unfortunately, once they realized who was driving the sick set of wheels, rather than ticketing him for various and sundry safety violations, they just asked him for his autograph. Seriously. They asked him to sign their ticket books, joked around, and then sent Mike and his biddies on their merry way. Still unseatbelted and still sitting on top of each other!

Belmar Police Chief Thomas Palmisano was not so amused by the antics of his boys in blue and is (miraculously) launching an investigation into the officers' behavior using the paparazzi footage of the encounter. "The officers knew who this person was and got their autographs and weren't thinking," Belmar Police Department spokesman Captain Andrew Huisman told E! Online. "If there was a violation of the law, then they should have acted." Duh!

Well we're glad there's one police officer left on the planet who doesn't plan to let celebrities continue to live above the law. The Captain even plans to use the paparazzi footage in training videos to make sure future law enforcement officials don't make the same (scary!) mistake.

We never thought we'd be saying this, but can we get a slow clap for New Jersey?

Source: E! Online

08.13.2011 / 12:52 AM EDT by Mariella Mosthof
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