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America's Next Top Model

Read an Excerpt of Tyra Banks’ Debut Novel, Modelland!

It was with joy in our hearts that we initially raced over to the Barnes and Noble website to read the first chapter of Tyra Banks' Harry Potter/Hunger Games swagger-jagging new novel Modelland (the first in a trilogy, if you can suspend your disbelief). Unfortunately, when we encountered what we hoped would be a literary guilty pleasure on par with the Gossip Girl series, we were met with prose that, frankly, makes Snooki's novel A Shore Thing sound positively Pulitzer-worthy.

So did Tyra wrote the bulk of this book between the hours of 12AM-7AM? It reads like a caffeine-fueled, hastily-written college term paper. At least Snooki's editor managed to preserve enough of her quirky humor and raunchy sex scenes for the book to be remotely enjoyable, even as a trashy beach read.

You can check out the excepts of Modelland here. What do you think, Top Model fans — are we being too harsh?

Source: Styleite

08.13.2011 / 02:29 AM EDT by Mariella Mosthof
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