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True Blood

Top 5 OMG Moments From True Blood Season 4, Episode 8: “Spellbound”

Surprise, surprise … Sookie and Eric’s out-of-this world sex life is at the top of the list AGAIN! This time, they took fang banging up a notch and made love while blazed on each other’s blood. Honestly, we should just rename this list “Top 5 Positions Sookie And Eric Had Sex In,” but in the interest of keeping things slightly safe for work, check out 5 OMG moments from True Blood episode 4.8, “Spellbound."

1. Sookie sucks blood from Eric’s hand! Let’s break this scene down: Eric — without breaking eye contact with Sookie — punctures a hole in his own hand, says “We will be one,” and shoves his palm in his fairy’s mouth. We had no idea snack time could be so successfully incorporated into a love-making session. Move over whipped cream and cherries …. there’s a new sex food in town!

2. Sookie and Eric bone in the shower! You guys, we feel so bad for Bill. While he’s trying to pull off cashmere sweaters and man-jewelry, his ex-girlfriend is busy groping her Viking King’s perfect assets. Sookie and Eric’s fang bang was straight out of some nerd-core role playing game. They “made love” on on top of a dead animal pelt in the forest, and we’re pretty sure a unicorn pranced by with a wood nymph on its back.

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3. Jessica kills/breaks-up with Hoyt! Not only did Jessica dream-murder Hoyt, but she added insult to injury and broke up with him! We can’t believe these two are over after everything they’ve been through. C’mon, they raised that creepy doll together and everything! Plus, what does it say about Jess that her ultimate fantasy involves off-ing the dude who cashed in her V-card?

4. Jessica and Jason make out! You know what’s even hotter than dreaming about boning your best friend’s girl? Making out with her IRL while she’s covered in blood blisters and lesions. We want to stay loyal to Hoyt and hate on Team JJ, but we have to admit — Jason and Jessica are kind of cute together. Sorry, Bubba, but you know what they say: Out with the old, in with the Ghost Daddy.

5. Sookie gets shot! It’s not like this girl didn’t have it coming, but our jaws still dropped (slightly) when Sookie took a bullet to the abdomen and passed out next to a grave during the witch vs. vampire throw-down. But the fact that this is no. 5 on our list should tell you how concerned we are about The Sookster. Read: not very.

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