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Most Eligible Dallas

Ten Things You Need to Know About Tara Harper

If you’re like us, then you’ve been waiting all summer for the premiere of the new reality show Most Eligible: Dallas, which is finally upon us! Want to know more about the crazy cast? Have no fear — we’ll be providing everything you need to know about the show’s six stars. Here are ten facts about Tara Harper (and don’t forget to refresh your memory with our ten facts about hottie Matt Nordgren).

1. Tara is 36 and grew up in Dallas, TX. Then again, if you weren’t able to guess that she’s from Dallas (given the title of the show), we’d be sort of worried about you.

2. Don’t let that smile fool you — she’s quite the savvy businesswoman. In fact, Tara stays busy, working as the VP of sales for her family’s manufacturing company, SPI, Inc. Nothing wrong with a little nepotism, right?

3. Okay, so let’s address the elephant in the room: This girl has worn her fair of engagement rings. Four, to be precise. (Crazy, right?) And lest you think she’s as obsessed with rings as Frodo is, think again. Tara is hoping to slow down and stay single for a while. (We think that’s probably for the best.)

4. That’s not to say that Tara is done with dating. She wouldn’t be on this show unless she was single and ready to mingle. From the previews, it looks like she’ll be doing some serious hooking up this season, too!

5. Just call her Dr. Doolittle, as her true passion is animals! (Whether she can actually talk to them is another story.) She is the co-founder of Paws in the City, a Dallas-based animal charity that rescues cats and dogs from animal shelters. And she herself frequently fosters stray dogs. So a note to any of Tara’s future boyfriends: You’re always going to have some serious competition for her heart! That said, as long as you don’t pee on her couch, you should have a significant advantage.

6. She’s close with many of the Most Eligible: Dallas cast members, including bestie Drew Ginsburg. The twosome hang out with whenever their now-crazy schedules allow it. (Being glamorous and beautiful can be such a burden.)

7. We probably don’t have to point this out to you, but we will anyway: The girl is hot. Between her blonde hair, her killer smile, and more curves than a Nascar race, it’s no wonder the fellas keep on linin’ up.

8. What does she like to do in her free time? Well, she adores sushi, admits that Jersey Shore is a guilty pleasure (we’re not here to judge!), and enjoys watching the hometown Dallas Cowboys play. Then again, whose eyes wouldn’t be glued to the field when Tony Romo is running around in tight pants?

9. She’s surprisingly funny, and she has a great sense of humor about herself as well. Get ready for some choice bon mots courtesy of Ms. Harper, all season long!

10. She is a movie fan, and a recent favorite this summer was the sex comedy Friends with Benefits. Surprised? Well, what did we just say about her great sense of humor? (Pay attention, people!) And our request to Justin Timberlake: Could you just go ahead and appear in every movie that comes out? Thanks!

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