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Most Eligible Dallas

Ten Things You Need to Know About Courtney Kerr

If you’re like us, then you’ve been waiting with bated breath for the premiere of the new reality show Most Eligible Dallas, which is finally upon us! Want to know more about the crazy cast? Have no fear — we’ll be providing everything you need to know about the show’s six stars. Here are ten facts about Courtney Kerr (and don’t forget to refresh your memory with our ten facts about hottie Matt Nordgren).

1. Courtney is 29 and hails from Fort Worth, TX. Uh-oh — sounds like someone is dangerously close to the dirty thirties!

2. Courtney doesn’t just love jewelry (and does she ever!), but she also designs it, working with Dallas-based jeweler Amber Venz. We’d love to help Amber out with jewelry designs, too, but we doubt that telling her about the necklace we made in second grade using floss and dry macaroni is going to cut it.

3. Sure, finding the right guy would be nice, but he would have to share her with her real love: shopping. This girl is quite the fashionista, and she has the shoe collection to prove it!

4. Her bestie just happens to be fellow Most Eligible Dallas cast member Matt Nordgren. And for two people who claim to just be friends, they definitely seem to love criticizing each other’s dating habits. Could this mean that the two will hook up before the season is through? Fingers crossed! (And Courtney: If you’re not going to take Matt, maybe you can let us have him? Share the wealth, girl!)

5. As a proud Southern belle, Courtney proudly sports big hair. And we wouldn’t want her any other way. The bigger the better, y’all.

6. Though she’s currently single, Courtney is definitely a romantic at heart. She is looking forward to the time when she can be a loving wife and mother. And judging from her cooking skills, her future kids are going to be eating a lot of takeout. (Then again, if you ask us, that would make her the best mom ever!)

7. This girl is hilarious, as we’ll all be finding out soon enough. She has a great, self-deprecating sense of humor, and she loves finding a way to be silly. Is it any wonder that one of her favorite movies is the classic ‘90s comedy Clueless? We didn’t think so.

8. As we pointed out earlier, when it comes to the kitchen, she’s not exactly Julia Child. So what does Courtney typically eat? Well, don’t tell her that we told you this, but her most embarrassing guilty pleasure is her love of Chik-Fil-A. She’s totally hooked on it! (And who wouldn’t be! Have you even tried their waffle fries?)

9. Courtney loves fun, upbeat music. She recently attended a Britney Spears concert (the guilty pleasures just keep coming, don’t they?), and she’s also a fan of Foster the People’s catchy summer hit, “Pumped-Up Kicks.” Considering Courtney’s a fan of all this danceable music, we’re guessing we’ll be witnessing Courtney shake her moneymaker on the dance floor before too much longer.

10. And finally, who are her celebrity crushes? She has the hots for Justin Timberlake — join the club, Court — but she also has a major thing for Green Bay Packers quarterback (and this year’s Super Bowl MVP) Aaron Rodgers! Didn’t see that one coming, right? Let’s just hope that Aaron is a tad classier than the previous Packers quarterback, Brett Favre. (In other words, if Favre sends you a text, do not open it.)

08.16.2011 / 07:22 PM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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