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About Last Night: Anne Hathaway Attacks Paparazzi With Gangsta Rap

Did you watch TV last night? We did, and it was fun! While you were busy clipping your toenails and watching that fungus documentary you Netflixed three months ago, this happened:

Princess Diaries star Anne Hathaway is sick and tired of all of the paparazzi attention she's getting for her role as a cat lady in the upcoming romantic comedy The Dark Knight Rises. So, what does one do when one is being hassled by camera-wielding thugs? Write a rap song "in the style of Lil Wayne," of course! [Watch at Gawker]

No topic is taboo on Chelsea Lately. Case in point, Denis Leary's expletive-laden reminiscence of being sexually assaulted by his dog. In defense of the dog, Denis was sending some pretty mixed messages. [Watch at AolTV]

Things got all Back to the Future-y on America's Got Talent last night! Magician Seth Grabel used his powers of illusion to conjure up a Delorean containing tot-sized versions of judges Piers Morgan, Howie Mandel, and Sharon Osbourne, proving that soul patches and unnaturally red hair aren't good looks for kids, either. [Watch the magic at AolTV]

Nothing brings a family together like a day at Child Protective Services. Teen Mom's Amber Portwood, usually the embodiment of decorum and reserve, reached a breaking point and went off on her mom for not being supportive enough during her child custody appeal, or whatever. She was all "You're not a f***ing good mom," and her mom was like, "Get a f***ing life, Amber." OMG! It was just like that episode of Facts of Life where Tootie tells Mrs. Garret to f*** off. [Watch at AolTV]