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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 2, Episode 10 Recap: Jason and Ian’s Secret Club!

As if there weren't enough mysteries already, tonight's crazy episode of Pretty Little Liars posed even more questions to answer. But the biggest question was this: How exactly do you lose a horse?! We're not talking about losing your keys here. It's a freakin' horse!

At the start of the episode, entitled "Touched by an 'A'-ngel," Aria tells the girls that she kissed Jason, while they then inform her that Jason had taken photos of her that even Larry Flynt would consider creepy. Aria confronts Jason about the pics, and he explains that he developed them from a roll of film that Ali had taken before she died. Aria agrees to meet with Jason so he can give her a box of Ali's stuff, even though Spencer thinks it's a really bad idea. Make that, "Spencer and anyone with an ounce of common sense think it's a really bad idea."

It's college fair time, so Hanna arrives there early to talk to as many representatives as she can. No, sorry - this is Hanna we're talking about, so of course she doesn't come within 300 miles of the college fair. Instead, she meets Mona to pick out bridesmaid dresses for her father's wedding. Then again, since these are bridesmaid dresses, she can either pick the "very hideous one" or the "very, very hideous one."

With her injury and her constant threats from "A," Emily is about as stressed as Obama is these days, so Hanna gives her a coupon for a free massage. Emily heads to the massage parlor and gets the massage of her life. Unfortunately, she later realizes that it was given by "A." (Our opinion: Who cares if "A" is insane, as long as she has magic fingers? Can we get a massage next, "A"? Thanks — you're a doll!)

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Spencer and Toby stay at home to pack up Ian's stuff when they discover that, thanks to an old yearbook, Ian, Jason, and Garrett were all in some kind of secret club called "N.A.T. Club," apparently named after a Latin expression that refers to "Seeing All." Spencer does what she does best and leaps to conclusions, inferring that Jason was in on Ian's videotaping of the girls and helped kill Ali to get the videos back. (And the bad-boy club was named after a Latin phrase? Seriously — how dorky is this school?)

Somehow, Hanna and Mona end up riding horses with Hanna's soon-to-be step-sis Kate and friends, for reasons that aren't entirely clear. (Then again, it's Rosewood. Who doesn't ride horses in their spare time?) And due to further unexplained circumstances, the girls lose their horses. (Apparently, those horses are craftier than Tim Robbins in The Shawshank Redemption.) When Mona and Hanna get back to the stable, Hanna says some unkind words about Kate which — of course! — are broadcasted across the stable's PA system. Let's just say that Kate does not appear to be the "forgive and forget" type.

Ezra returns for the college fair, where he, Aria, and Jackie prove yet again that three's a crowd. The girls' old therapist, Dr. Sullivan, is at the college fair too, and she recommends a therapist for Aria's brother, Mike. Dr. Sullivan also tells a frazzled Emily that she can also talk to her. (And if she can help two people as troubled as Mike and Emily, then she deserves a raise.)

Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC Family Channel © 2011 Disney ABC Television Group    

Spencer gets Ezra to show up at Jason's house and help Aria, and then Ez convinces Aria that they should take their relationship public. Aria agrees, but before they can do so, Aria's mom, Ella, says that she saw Spencer and Ezra talking together and suspects that they're doing more than talking. Long story short, Aria won't be going public with her relationship anytime soon. (However, why do we have a feeling that "A" will find a way to speed up the whole going-public process? Maybe because we've seen more than five minutes of this show before!)

And if that weren't enough, Jenna decides to visit to her old pal Spencer, telling her to stop digging for clues. Spencer informs Jenna that she knows about her relationship with Garrett, which makes Jenna tell Garrett to have a chat about those infamous three words: "The Jason thing." So at the end of the episode, Garrett tells Jason to keep quiet about whatever it is that they're keeping secret. Do we find out what that secret is? Of course not — don't be silly!

Another episode, another million mysteries. Plus, all this suspense is making us tense. Do you think that "A" makes house calls? (We'll supply the body oils!)