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The Vampire Diaries

Exclusive! Kayla Ewell Dishes on Vicki’s Vengeance and How Childhood Memories Will Be Explored

Even though Vicki Donovan’s somehow managed to return from the hereafter on The Vampire Diaries, Kayla Ewell still found time to take a break from her duties on the CW hit to guest star on Sunday’s episode of A&E favorite The Glades. In this exclusive Wetpaint Entertainment interview, Kayla tells us all about her bikini-clad side-gig in the Miami heat, how her real-life brother will be appearing on TVD — oh, and also about the “huge vengeance” Vicki is about to wreak!

Wetpaint Entertainment: Who do you play on The Glades?

Kayla Ewell: My role is really fun. I play a waitress in a bikini at a popular bar who seems to have one boyfriend but then it turns out there are like a million guys trying to date her and any one of them could be the killer. The show is really beautiful. They shoot on the beach and outside all over Miami. It really was so much fun to be there, aside from the heat, which is absolutely wretched. It’s really humid in Atlanta where we shoot The Vampire Diaries, but I would say Miami is even worse. They would literally have to stop in the middle of a scene and wipe the sweat off all of our faces. And they have bugs that are called no-see-ums. They’re buried in the sand, which is horrible because we’re shooting on the beach and most of the girls are in bikinis. You try to look hot but when you have bug bites all over your legs it’s a little hard.

Who did you work with?

Matt Passmore (Longworth) is the guy who I had most of my scenes with, and also Kiele Sanchez (Callie Cargill), who I absolutely adore. Both of them are really great actors and really good sports. That was by far the best set I have ever worked on. From the directors to the producers to the PAs, everyone is so unbelievably happy to be there and gets along so well. The whole time I kept being like, “Is it really like this?” And they were like, “Yeah, all the actors that come in to work on the show always say, ‘Wow, this is one of the greatest sets.’” They’ve really weeded out all the negative people and have kept all the great people.

Will your character be back?

I don’t believe so. I’m shooting The Vampire Diaries and they worked it out so that I could fly over to Miami and shoot The Glades then come back. So it’s really just a one-time thing, but it’s definitely a character that I love to play. She’s a vixen and I love to have all the guys wrapped around my finger, and I just have a strategy towards everyone.

There’s always a lot of action scenes on The Glades. Did you get to do any?

There’s a lot of action scenes in the episode, but I don’t really have many. One scene does come to mind, though — I’m one of the only actresses I know who’s never been a waitress in my real life, and I keep getting these waitress/bartender type rolls and, I have to be honest with you, I am the worst at balancing the food and the drinks on that tray. And even when we had the pilot for The Vampire Diaries I’d spill everything all over Nina Dobrev and her hair and makeup would have to be redone. So I had to be really careful and not spill anything, and of course the first scene I do I absolutely spill everything all over this one woman. That’s as far as my action scenes go.

Did you have time for any non-work fun while you were down there?

Yeah, absolutely! Two of the producers of [the upcoming ABC series] Charlie’s Angels that’s shooting in Miami, Marcos Siega and Paul Sommers, were also two of the original producers and directors of The Vampire Diaries. So while I was there we rented a boat and I went wakeboarding for first time ever in my life. Obviously, I wanted to look good in front of these guys, like I’m a badass chick, but I was so scared to get up on that wakeboard because all I’d ever done before was water ski. For some reason I got right up the first time. It was just unbelievable.

How did shooting The Glades compare to Vampire Diaries?

I’m so thrilled to be back. Obviously The Vampire Diaries is like my family, but The Glades was great too because any time you walk onto a new set you never know what to expect. So it’s kind of fun and different to meet new people. It’s really kind of the best of both worlds to be on a show where you have a regular job and you know what to expect, and then also have the ability to go and try other things, because when you do the same character over and over again it can get a little monotonous. So it’s really been fun.

What can you tell us about what’s in store for Vicki?

Vicki is back with a plan and a huge vengeance. One thing I love that the writers are doing right now is they’re exploring the relationship between Matt [Zach Roering] and Vicki. Vicki has left and no one really knows what’s happened to her. No one knows what she’s been through and so now there’s really so much drama — you know, the childhood memories and all that kind of thing. They asked Zach and I if we had any photos of when we were little, like Christmastime and stuff like that, and they’re going to use those pictures of us. My little brother looks exactly like Zach and they’re going to take all the childhood photos of my actual brother and they’re going to stick them in the show as my fake brother. And so my brother in real life is like, “Yeah, I’m gonna be on The Vampire Diaries. Now I’m famous.” And he keeps asking me, “So when do I premiere again? What’s my premiere date?” He’s in college and he’s totally going to use it to get girls, not that he needs any help.

How is working with Zach again?

He and I get along so well and have a really good relationship, and I’m so excited about where they’re taking it. We’ve really seen Vicki as this girlfriend to Jeremy [Steven R. McQueen] and now we’re also going to get to see Vicki as a sister — or a sister ghost? That’s something they have not told us: Is she an angel or a ghost or what the heck is going on? We’re constantly surprised by how much they’re writing for us. They put so much in one episode it’s unbelievable. It’ll be great.