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Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore: After Dark Host Amy Paffrath Talks Behind-the-Scenes Drama

If you can’t get enough of the oily partiers on Jersey Shore, MTV will be treating you to Jersey Shore: After Dark next month. Amy Paffrath, of MSN’s Last Night on TV, hosts the three-part special in which she drills the macaroni rascals about some of their most outrageous moments from Florence. In an exclusive Wetpaint Entertainment interview, Amy discusses The Situation’s ego, Vinny’s wit—and Deena’s sexual experimentation!

Now that you’ve taken over the hosting duties on Jersey Shore: After Dark, what can we expect?
I think what I bring to it is a fearlessness with the cast. My purpose was not to be friends with them or to go home thinking, “That’s my new BFF.” My job was to really steer the conversation, really get in there and not be afraid to ask some really tough questions. I did that. I sort of held a mirror up to them and made them be responsible for their actions.

Are there any big surprises in Florence?
This season is the wildest yet. You'll see Deena experiment with her sexuality and more robberies than ever. The cast isn't always in agreement in how these events played out either. Especially when talking about theft. There was girl power in full force when the topic turned to Mike being in love with Snooki. They were very clear about how they felt. The audience was in awe of the cast, they were just enjoying the ride.

We’ve all heard how Mike finally got his ass handed to him by Ronnie this season. Was his ego still bruised when you met the gang?
As for the Ronnie/Mike brawl, I don't think it's possible to bruise Mike’s ego. He's pretty sure of himself and stands by his actions.

Did their on-screen personas match their off-screen realities?
My time with them was only when cameras were rolling, so I didn’t really get to experience them off-camera. But from the moment they walked in the room, they are who they are on TV. There’s really no disconnect, to be honest. I felt that each and every one of them is very genuine to who they portray themselves to be on TV. I think that’s what makes the show special, that this is a group of people who are uninhibited and unafraid to show their real personalities. What you see is what you get with every single one of them, which is sort of refreshing. Nobody’s putting on an act, no one’s playing a part. They really do behave like that. They really do talk like that. So, if nothing else, they’re genuine to who they put themselves out to be on TV.

Did anything crazy go down after the director said, “Cut”?
They never say cut, they keep rolling, because you never know what magic you’re gonna get and a lot of the time I’d ask a question and things would keep going. There’s a lot of stuff that came up that wasn’t directly asked. These are real people with real relationships and they really get into talking about those relationships. So when I ask about the relationship with Snooki and Mike, for example, they have a past, they kind of are good friends, and you’ll see him trying to hit on her — and in this past season you saw that happen. We talk about that, and they do speak about things candidly and they call each other out on things.

Do you have any favorite cast members?
I happen to think Pauly D is very charming. He’s really funny, he’s got a great sense of humor, he’s really witty and he’s always really upbeat. No matter what the conversation was about, he’s always sort of laughing it off like, “Whatever, no big deal.” And I also think Vinny’s pretty witty. He’s got a really great outlook and he’s very sharp. Whatever anybody says he’s always got a funny retort. And I think Snooki and Deena are just so uninhibited that that makes them refreshing because they’re not trying to hide who they are. They’re just willing to put it all out there.

Is there anyone you didn’t get along with?
Not really. They knew I had to ask these tough questions, so they weren’t often shy about that. They knew my job. No one had bad vibes toward me at all. I think Sammi’s a little standoffish, like she is on the show. She was very charming and very sweet when we were talking about certain subjects but then of course when it turned to other things she doesn’t necessarily want to talk about that all the time.

What other projects have you got coming up?
I did just do a movie called Dumbbells which is hopefully going to be at Sundance this coming year, so fingers crossed on that. It has a great cast. Brian Drolet actually wrote and starred in it and it’s got a great supporting cast—Tom Arnold, Jaleel White, Carl Reiner, Jay Mohr, Andy Milonakis… So I’m really excited about that. Aside from that, I’m really hoping to do more with MTV, so hopefully they’ll like what I’ve done with the After Hours specials and that can lead to more along the way.