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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Russell Armstrong’s Attorney Says Real Housewives Is to Blame for Divorce

It’s no secret that Russell Armstrong had some financial difficulties before his death, but now his lawyer is saying they all stemmed from one thing: making wife Taylor famous.

Russell was still recovering from a 2005 bankruptcy when Taylor was offered a spot on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. While Russell “wasn’t rich,” according to his lawyer Ronald Richards, “he was generating just enough income to keep up the cover.”

Keeping up with that Beverly Hills lifestyle really took a toll on his client’s wallet and marriage, Richards told The Wrap.

"He worked hard to get her where she was,” Richards said of Russell supporting his wife’s lavish lifestyle. “...He basically spent all their savings, and didn't accumulate any savings, to support the show."

Russell reportedly blamed Bravo when his marriage began to unravel, telling Richards the network "didn't care if they ruined” it.

While we can’t say if Real Housewives is to blame for the problems in their 10-year marriage, which Taylor recently said was both emotionally and physically abusive, Russell’s attorney is adamant about the network’s role in the divorce.

“Many marriages fall apart when one spouse goes on a reality TV show,” Richards told Hollywood Life. “Yes, they would have stayed together if they hadn’t done the show.”

But is it really all Taylor’s fault, like Russell’s ex-wife Barbara Frederickson has claimed? Not exactly. “He just spent more than he made like a lot of people do,” Richards said. “I would say that’s not true [that Taylor was responsible],” adding their financial issues came from both of them overspending “to keep up with the content of what the show demanded.”

Source: The Wrap, Hollywood Life