Season 3 Spoilers! Anna Is Trying to Ruin Vicki’s Master Plan
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The Vampire Diaries

Season 3 Spoilers! Anna Is Trying to Ruin Vicki’s Master Plan

Sure, both of Jeremy Gilbert’s vampire exes showed up at the end of Season 2, but Anna (Malese Jow) and Vicki (Kayla Ewell) are hardly playing for the same team.

The ghostly gals both want one thing: Jeremy. As we’re sure you recall, Vicki and Jeremy were gettin’ hot and heavy before she was turned and then killed. And shortly after Vicki’s untimely death (and before Jer had totally recovered), Anna waltzed her way into town — and straight into Jeremy’s arms. But she was offed during the Season 1 finale, leaving Jeremy with two big gaping holes in his little tortured heart.

Now both the ladies are back and gunning for the same prize, which could spell trouble for quite a few people. Kayla Ewell tells TV Guide, “Vicki has a master plan, and it’s trying to be stopped by Anna. A lot of what Anna says is, 'Beware of Vicki, be careful.'" Could that plan be stealing Jeremy’s heart from current gf Bonnie?

Kayla says Vicki will be playing hardball. And if the “huge, epic fight between Bonnie, Anna, and Vicki” producers have been hinting at really goes down, she won’t be afraid to unleash some super vampire-ghost powers. Talk about a crazy cat fight!

But don’t expect the battle to go down right away. Vicks, says Kayla, will “toy with people” for a good part of the season.

Source: TV Guide