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Best Castle Tumblrs on the Internet!

We’ll admit it: We’re not only TV junkies, we’re also Internet junkies.

On TV, we love Castle. On the Internet, we love Castle, too. Luckily for us, there’s hardly a void of sites dedicated to our favorite show in the Tumblr-verse,

Whether you’re looking for spoilers, fanfiction or near-naked pics of Nathan Fillion (we know you!), we’ve compiled this list of the best Castle Tumblrs. You can thank us later — if you can peel yourself away long enough!

All Castle, All the Time:

MELANIEEXO’s Castle Tumblr: From the creator of popular Castle Livejournal community Castle Lounge, Melanie’s Tumblr is teeming with goodies — from quotes to bloopers to those cute little animated GIFs we just can’t get enough of.

F*ckYeahCastle: Need your dose of Castle spoilers? F*ckYeahCastle’s got your back. But don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Character-Specific Tumblrs:

F*ckYeahCastleandBeckett: A site dedicated solely to Richard Castle and Kate Beckett, plus the wonderful actors who play them. Filled with all the scoop on the characters — including spoilers — pics and fan art, we’ll be lucky if we ever get again work done again after discovering this gem.

The Writer and His Muse: GIFs, pics, and vids galore! Mostly of Castle and Beckett. Not that we’re complaining.

Just for Fun:

Castle Quotables: We love this consistently-updated Tumblr with the best Castle quips from every season.

Castle Confessions: Probably the most hilarious, original and addicting on our list, Castle Confessions is like Post Secret for Castle junkies. Fans share their deepest, darkest Castle-related secrets, for example, “I have to listen to Piano Man every Saturday at 9 o’clock.” Well, glad we aren’t the only ones!

Texts from Castle: Love Texts from Last Night? Love Castle? Welcome to your dream come true.

Castle Says: Have a burning question for a member of the 12th precinct? Ask away, but be forewarned: You might not like the answer!

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