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Casting Castle’s New Love Interest: Who Should Play the Sexy Art Insurance Investigator?

By now, you probably know our favorite on-screen novelist, Richard Castle, is getting a new love – er, lust – interest next season.

Castle producers are currently in search of the perfect woman to come between Castle and Beckett, and she’s been described as a “gorgeous, sexy, sophisticated art insurance investigator” who Castle will instantly be attracted to. Ugh!

While we’re not thrilled about this woman’s existence, we’re pretty curious to see who producers will cast. Castle producers are notorious for picking eclectic (and awesome) guest stars, so we bet this one is gonna be real good.

So, it’s speculation time! Here are the top three actresses we’d like to see on Castle. And by ‘on Castle,’ we mean the show, not the man. And by ‘like,’ we mean ‘actresses we like, but still don’t want to see steal Castle from Beckett.’ Ya dig?

1. Famke Jansenn. A former fashion model, Famke’s got those gorgeous dark locks, knowing smile and practically oozes sex appeal. She's showed her acting chops in everything from X-Men to Nip/Tuck. Plus she pulls off that sophisticated-without-being-pretentious thing pretty well. We’re pretty sure this actress can make anybody eat out of the palm of her hand. Will Castle be her next victim?

2. Toni Collette. While we wouldn’t call her gorgeous, exactly, Collette is one hilarious chick with mad acting skills to boot. On her recently canceled show, The United States of Tara, Collette starred as a mom and wife with multiple personalities, alongside Max Corbett (who we will always think of as Aiden from Sex & the Ctiy). Just glam her up a bit, and we could totally see her stealing Castle’s heart — temporarily, at least.

3. Zooey Deschanel. OK, we know Zooey’s kinda booked with her new Fox show, The New Girl, and all, but something about "art insurance investigator" just screams Zooey. We can totally see her rockin’ some library specs and being equal parts charming and sophisticated. Plus, her sister Emily kills it on Bones’ as the title character, so we think she’d do just fine with a crime drama. Abd really, who wouldn’t fall in love with Zooey?

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08.23.2011 / 02:23 AM EDT by Erica Strauss
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