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Jane Lynch Reveals Her Addiction to Cough Syrup

In her upcoming memoir, Happy Accidents, everyone's favorite snarky TV coach, Jane Lynch (Sue Sylvester), revels her more serious side.

In the book, Jane discusses her troubled relationship with alcohol and her addiction to cold medication that followed her decision to quit the booze in 1991. Lynch explains that even after she realized she needed to stop drinking, she continued her "habit of taking NyQuil before bed, because ‘though no longer drinking Miller Lite, [she] was in need of something to soothe [her]’."

Why did Jane, who always seems so cheery when not putting on her ball-busting Sue Sylvester persona, turn to cough syrup to get her through the night? Apparently it was linked to her starring in the play The Real Live Brady Bunch, which made her "miserable."

Eventually the funnylady found help with Alcoholics Anonymous, and, as we all know, went on to have a great career in Hollywood.

Jane isn't the only Glee star who has struggled with substance abuse in the past. Cory Monteith also has a history of addiction. We're glad these stars were able to get help and go on to successful careers. They're inspiring for more than just their talent!

Source: Radar Online

08.23.2011 / 09:26 PM EDT by Rebecca Martin
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