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Most Eligible Dallas

Most Eligible Dallas Divas Share Their Big Hair Secrets!

How do those Most Eligible Dallas girls get that hair? Worry not, dear readers. We've got the scoop on Courtney Kerr, Neill Skylar, and Tara Harper's never-fail beauty secrets to achieve their signature Dallas style. (Although, are we only ones who get the feeling that Matt Nordgren probably has the most elaborate beauty routine?)

Courtney Kerr trades in the patented platinum blonde Dallas 'do for some super-trendy ombre locks. So, how does she feel about her beachy fade out? "I was really nervous to go ombre at first because I was sooooo blonde before," she confesses. "The best part of it’s so low-maintenance. I just let my roots grow and it still looks great!" Style and functionality? That doesn't sound like the Bravolebrity way...

Even less like most reality TV stars is youthful Neill Skylar's #1 beauty secret. While red lipstick and black eyeliner are among her makeup must-haves, she admits that confidence is paramount. "This probably sounds cliché and cheesy but I think when you are truly happy and confident with who you are that you radiate beauty from the inside out," she offers. "You glow. All the makeup in the world can’t compare. So, let’s get happy, people!" Wait a minute, self-esteem is the key to attracting positive attention? That can't be right...

Even Tara Harper has a good attitude about her admittedly non-natural quintessential Dallas hair. "I think I’m just blonde at heart but I wouldn’t dare try to guess what my natural haircolor is," she quipped. "My BFF and colorist Gregg Asher creates the perfect blend of blonde to match my bubbly personality."

We're still unsure as to what reality star alternate dimension we've stumbled into, but we've gotta say, we're pretty impressed with how down to earth the girls from The Big D are. Sorry, Housewives...

Source: Sophisticate's Hair Style Guide