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Jersey Shore

Watch! The New Jersey Shore Lingo

Jersey Shore Season 4 is a brand new season in a brand new country, and you know what that means: New lingo to confuse and delight viewing audiences everywhere.

In this video, Situation, Pauly D, and Vinny run down the new terms they've come up with while in Italy, including:

Twinning. It's like winning, Charlie Sheen style, but with twins who'll make out with each other instead of goddesses.

Swacked. When you jack someone's swag. Or if that's still too much lingo, when you steal someone's style.

Meana: It's drunk Deena. Because, presumably, she gets mean. See what they did there?

Watch the video for more details on these important new terms, and to see the guys struggle to create the perfect nickname to capture the disaster slash hilarity that is drunk Ronnie:

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