Sarah Michelle Gellar Loves Playing Two Characters, Ringer’s Hot Men and Acting Again
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Sarah Michelle Gellar Loves Playing Two Characters, Ringer’s Hot Men and Acting Again

Let’s hear it for Sarah Michelle Gellar! The actress who fiercely portrayed Buffy the Vampire Slayer finally returns to television this fall in the CW drama Ringer, as two characters — twins Bridget and Siobhan who both harbor deep, dark secrets.

Wetpaint Entertainment got a chance to catch up with SMG herself recently at the Television Critics Association's press tour, as she discussed her characters, being the face of a network and what she thinks her hubby Freddy Prinze Jr. is up to while she’s at work.

Which twin is more like you?

Well, I look like both of them so that’s handy! I think what I love about the show is the duality of all of the characters and the idea we all have good sides and bad sides. And I think I'm not necessarily more like either one of the characters because in their motivation, they both feel incredibly justified. But Siobhan has the better wardrobe.

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Is playing both of the characters when they're in the same scene together as difficult as some of the other effects you've been involved with?

You know what? Slightly less difficult than the other effects I've been involved with because it's pretty basic. You really just want the characters to have a conversation. And even though I think the visual effects are really amazing, I don't think that's the part the audience really cares about.

Ultimately, it's about what the characters are saying. And in a weird way, it actually goes very quickly because you pare it down to the emotion of the scene as opposed to being all fancy.

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Sarah Michelle Gellar Loves Playing Two Characters, Ringer’s Hot Men and Acting Again
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Was the idea of twins who really don’t know much about each other interesting to you?

I'm fascinated by twins. I mean, I'm an only child, so I don't have a sibling, but you think about the bond that siblings have, and it intensifies so much when you think about being in the womb together. These are two girls that shared everything and were so close, and then something so tragic ripped them apart. It's like losing a part of yourself because twins are a part of each other. I just think that's so interesting.

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Why should we sympathize with these characters? They’ve both done questionable things.

Well, because their journeys in both in their minds are justified. In terms of Siobhan, something happened that was so tragic and all of her motivations are based on what happened to her and how that's changed the course of her life.

And Bridget, she's made a lot of mistakes, but ultimately, she's trying to redeem herself. And I think everybody can understand what it's like when you want to make better the mistakes you made in the past.

Are you happy to get back to acting?

You know what? I love it. I didn't realize how much I missed the atmosphere until I started back. And there’s something about television and having these characters take a journey and seeing the same people every day and looking forward to the scripts. I'm loving it more than I thought I was going to.

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Were you looking to get back to TV, or was it this script?

I think it's a combination of both. The nomadic lifestyle does work for a lot of working parents, but for me, I've traveled. I've seen it. I want to be able to go home at night and see my daughter. I want to be able to be there for her first day of school and her school recital. And honestly, television is what offers me that, and they've been amazing about working around schedules. Her last day of school, I was able to go to. All the big milestones, I'm there for.

Sarah Michelle Gellar Loves Playing Two Characters, Ringer’s Hot Men and Acting Again
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You’ve pretty much become the face for the network for this fall. Are you feeling pressure?

Yes! Yes (laughs). Yes and no. I'm so proud of the show, and I'm enjoying it so much. I hope it takes off with fans. And if for some unknown reason it doesn't, I’ve had the best time. I don't regret a minute of it.

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Besides the twin factor, what else sets this show apart from what else we see on the CW?

Have you seen the men on my show? CW’s all about the girls. We have the men on my show. As an actress, the trick is to play all the female characters on your show and then all the men are yours.

Has your husband been supportive of your TV endeavor?

Oh, he loves it. He's perfectly happy to stay at home and put the baby to bed. I feel like Alice (co-star Ioan Gruffud’s wife) and Freddy are just sitting back right now, having a beer. The babies are asleep. Yeah, that's what I envision.

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