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True Blood

5 Burning Questions From True Blood: ”Let’s Get Out Of Here”

There are Truebies and then there are Ultimate Truebies: The kind of fans who spend hours talking about the latest episode of True Blood with their friends (read: their chat room) and keep a set of fake fangs on their bedside table.

Lucky for you, we fall into the second category, and we’ve rounded up 5 questions about the ins and outs of Bon Temps super-natural world that will keep you tossing and turning all night!

1. Is Lafayette still possessed by Tio Luca?

As far as we know, the only way to get a ghost to leave your body is through exorcism, but when Jesus exorcised Lafayette we didn’t see Tio Luca float up to heaven with Mavis. Did the writers forget that Lala deep throated Tio in Mexico, or is he just lurking somewhere in Lala’s intestines?

2. Why do were-eyes turn yellow?

Werewolves have two powers: 1) The power to look amazing naked and 2) The power to morph into a wolf at anytime of day. So what else can these mutts do? Debbie’s taken to turning her eyes an unpleasant shade of yellow, but it’s hard to tell if she’s tapping into some were-power we don’t know about, or if she’s just freaking local yokels out for fun.

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3. Why is Sookie so powerful these days?

Sookie’s used her fairy hands before, but lately she fries anyone who dares to come within three feet of her weird teeth. “Oh, hey Sook, I was just wondering if —” boom, death by ET fingers. So why is The Sookster suddenly so powerful? Is it because of her trip to fairy land, or has the increase in super-natural activity around Bon Temps boosted her skills?

4. What is “the authority?”

We’ve heard rumblings about the authority for years, but we have yet to meet them. Who are these fangers, and why are they so interested in Bon Temps? If a podunk town in Louisiana has so much vamp drama, we can’t imagine what San Francisco or New York must be like!

5. Why has Lafayette never been possessed before?

These days, Lafayette can’t go five minutes without some hopped-up ghost flying down his throat — but if he’s a medium, why has he never been possessed before? Maybe Jesus cast a brujo spell that lets spirits inhabit Lala’s body, after all, according to Jason those two are into some freaky deaky role playing.

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