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The Kardashians

Inside Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ Pre-nup

The ink has barely dried on the pre-nup of Kim Kardashian and her NBA husband Kris Humphries, but people are already dissecting the document to figure out what it all means.

Let’s just say: this reality princess sure knows a thing or two about protecting her assets. All of them.

First off, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the doc clearly states Kris will not receive anything if the marriage falls through. Not. a. dime. And while one would think that means ‘poor’ Kris — who pulled in a measly $3.2 million versus Kim’s reported $12 million in 2010 — is getting the short end of the bedazzled Kardashian stick, that isn’t necessarily the case. True, divorcing a Kardashian and coming up penniless isn’t the ideal scenario, but having their assets so clearly split could also have a few perks for the New Jersey Nets forward.

For one, let us not forget Kim and her fam are notorious for having horrible legal battles over their business ventures. So, if the 30-year-old makes a detrimental biz mistake while she and Kris are married, Kris “could actually benefit if [the pre-nup] clearly delineated that debts and liabilities are actually hers," says Laura Zwicker, a family wealth planner. That means if Kim’s fortune goes down the tubes, Kris doesn’t have to go with it! But, we mean, that’s so not going to happen anyway...

There’s a lot of other stuff in there, too, but we’re not exactly hip to all the legal jargon. All we know is Kris says he’s fine with the agreement, and why wouldn’t he be? He still gets to be married to Kim Kardashian!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter