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The Lying Game

The Top 5 Mysteries in The Lying Game Season 1, Episode 2: “Being Sutton”

You might think that Phoenix is a desert where people are too busy sitting in front of air conditioners to have time to plot and scheme, but you’d be wrong. There are more loose ends and unsolved puzzles in this town than there are cacti! We got our certified team of experts to hunt down each and every mystery from The Lying Game premiere so we can get this thing solved!

Not gonna lie: Most of these mysteries involve Alec “Creepier Than Freddy Krueger” Rybak.

1. Why did Alec Rybak (Adrian Pasdar) steal Sutton’s (Alexander Chando) laptop? Who knows what Alec wants with Sutton’s computer, but hopefully he’s just doing some run of the mill investigating. If this hot pop is nursing an inappropriate crush his daughter’s bestie we won’t know what to think! One thing’s for sure: Sutton has even more secrets on that computer than she has product in her hair –– could Alec be searching for information on Thayer’s whereabouts? We get that he’s worried, but there’s no excuse for breaking into a teenage girls bedroom!

2. What are Ted Mercer (Andy Buckley) and Alec hiding? If you think father-daughter dances are all fun and games you’d be wrong. Apparently, Alec and Ted Mercer have a mysterious shared history, and the school dance seemed like the perfect place to rehash it. Awkward! We’re dying to know what went on between these two handsome gents. We’re thinking Brokeback Mountain. Just putting it out there!

3. What “things happened” between Alec and Officer Dan (Tyler Christopher)? Poor Alec. The dude just wants to hang at the bar, but he keeps getting interrupted by randoms who want to have vaguely creepy conversations with him. Dan and Alec’s convo wasn’t explicit, but if you read between the lines (which we always do!) it was ripe with intrigue. We got the impression that Dan owes Alec a favor, but when will he cash in?

4. What is Sutton’s relationship to Thayer? Either Sutton’s a huge air head and just forgot to tell Emma and Ethan (Blair Redford) that she was hanging with Thayer, or she’s purposefully hiding the truth! We’re going to go with the latter. Are Sutton and Thayer dating, because that means she has three boyfriends, two of whom are secret? We know this girl is pretty, but c’mon –– leave some hotties for the rest of us!

5. Why did Thayer leave Arizona? We’re a little hazy on the details surrounding Thayer’s sudden departure from Planet Sutton. Who is he living with, and why don’t his parents support him? Was there someone or something he was running away from?

Do you want answers to these questions as much as we do? Then tune into an all new episode of The Lying Game, Monday at 9/8c on ABC Family!

08.25.2011 / 11:33 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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