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The Lying Game

Watch Your Back! The 3 Least Trustworthy People From The Lying Game, Season 1, Episode 2: “Being Sutton”

Is it just us, or does it seem like all The Lying Gamers have something to hide? Who knows what secrets these teens and their parental units are keeping stashed away in their stilettos and suit pockets, but we’re on a mission to find out! We’ve rounded up the top three least trustworthy characters on The Lying Game. Your job? Keep tabs on these shady suspects during next week’s all-new episode. You never know when someone’s pants are going to catch on fire!

1. Alec Rybak (Adrian Pasdar): This sly fox gives a whole new meaning to the word “sketchy.” Alec seems to have something on every character in the show, and he’s not afraid to use it as leverage. And that temper! Only a certified cray-cray goes around punching teenage valets at a country club and yelling at his daughter’s besties. Oh, and the fact that he’s a raging alcoholic doesn’t help his case.

More importantly, we want to know what Alec wants with Sutton (Alexander Chando)’s computer. He better not find out what she’s hiding before we do!

2. Ted Mercer (Andy Buckley): Sutton’s dad seems goofy and lovable on the surface, but apparently he’s keeping secrets just like the rest of the daddies on TLG. Just when we were starting to develop an old-man crush on Ted, he ruined it all by chatting with Alec at the bar about the “big secret” they’re both keeping. Way to be vague, guys.

Maybe Ted is an innocent victim of Alec’s bullying, but for now let’s go ahead and assume he’s up to no good.

3. Officer Dan Whitehorse (Tyler Christopher): This hottie is not to be trusted! Ethan (Blair Redford)’s bro might work for the po-po, but he’s packing more secrets that Sutton’s computer. Why is Officer Dan so suspicious of Sutton, and what’s his connection to Mr. Rybeck? Their conversation at the bar had all sorts of mysterious undertones about “making mistakes.”

Can’t a person just enjoy a stiff drink in this town without it turning into the mystery of the century?!

08.25.2011 / 04:03 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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