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True Blood

Carrie Preston Says Arlene No Longer Hates Her Baby

Carrie Preston (Arlene) says Arlene’s finally learned to love her evil baby.

“I think for Arlene, she’s just relieved to have the child back,” she tells New York Mag. ”Any ambivalent feeling she had about the child went away once that fire happened and she realized just how much she loved him and was going to do whatever she could to protect him."

"What I think has been interesting about my character this season is it also kind of taps into every parent’s fear that they might be raising some kind of demon child. Not a literal one — but, What if I don’t know how to raise this child? Or what if this child winds up having problems that I can’t handle?”

Yeah, what if your kid has a learning disability? Or is the supernatural spawn of a serial killer? That’s what every parent’s afraid of.

Source: New York Mag

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