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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Spoiler Roundup! Everything You Need to Know About Season 2, Episode 12: “Over My Dead Body”

If you can’t wait for Pretty Little Liars' mid-season finale, look no further than Wetpaint Entertainment’s super spoiler roundup! We’ve gathered together twelve spoilers from Season 2, Episode 12, “Over My Dead Body,” so you can get your drama fix before everyone else!

1. “A” shrink-naps Dr. Sullivan! After the girls reveal a little too much about their omnipresent stalker during a therapy session, “A” threatens to kill their therapist — unless the little liars do exactly as they’re told. “The little liars are put in a position of having to save her,” Marlene King tells Wetpaint Entertainment . “They’re really worried for her safety. And it’s safe to assume that ‘A’ is responsible for the reason she is missing.”

2. “A” sends the liars on a mission! The girls are desperate to save Dr. Sullivan’s life, so “A” sends each of them on a “mission” in return for keepin their therapist alive. Each mission will ultimately lead to what the little liars want the most, so expect Emily (Shay Mitchell) to find the missing letters to her alphabet cereal.

3. The liars face consequences! Each task assigned by “A” leads to consequences, and even though the little liars are saving Dr. Sullivan, they’re hurting other people in the process. Will the girls go along with “A”’s plan, or will they finally stand up for themselves and risk the lives of their nearest and dearest as a result?

4. The episode begins with the end! Marlene King tells Wetpaint Entertainment that the mid-season finale begins with the little liars standing on Dr. Sullivan’s porch after she’s gone missing, and then flashes back to 12 hours earlier!

5. Our questions will be answered! Lately, PLL’s been dishing out more questions than answers, but that’s all about to change. Marlene King tells Wetpaint Entertainment that we’ll find out about the N.A.T. Club, what happened to page 5 of the autopsy report, and more about Alison (Sasha Pieterse)’s murder.

6. Emily and Alison girl-talk! Remember when Hanna (Ashley Benson) chatted to an imaginary Alison during her one-on-one therapy session? “I just thought that was such a haunting scene,” says Marlene King. “And Emily gets to have a somewhat similar scene in the finale. I’ve seen it five times now and it still gives me cry every time I see it. She has a moment with Alison and it’s heart breaking and beautiful at the same time.” Yeah, there’s nothing more beautiful than a depressed girl talking to an empty leather office chair.

7. Toby (Keegan Allen) and Spencer (Troian Bellisario) might break up! Today is not your day, Spobettes. According to Troian Bellisario, “A” puts Spencer and Toby’s relationship in serious jeopardy during the mid-season finale: “Their relationship over this season has only been growing and deepening and becoming more and more beautiful and vulnerable and tender,” says Troian. “‘A’ zones in on that as her Achilles heel and goes right for it in a brutal, brutal way.”

8. “A” tries to out Ezria! We’ve been waiting for Ezria to tell the world about their relationship, and it looks like it’s finally going to happen! “In the finale you think there’s someone in their lives that is threatening to expose them once again,” reveals Lucy Hale, “There’s the idea lurking that they could be outed for real this time, in front of her parents. You’ll see how that goes.”

9. Ali’s box comes in handy! Remember Ali’s box? You know, the one that housed an entire film roll of Aria (Lucy Hale)’s lips and hands? Well apparently there’s more to that treasure trove than meets the eye! “In the finale, there’s an item that’s in the box that has to do with the tasks that ‘A’ gives them,” says Lucy.

10. Caleb returns to Rosewood! It looks like Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) tired of peeling on and off that wetsuit, and is heading back to Rosewood just in time for the creepy finale! “We have not seen the last of Caleb, he comes back in the finale. I'm happy to say that," says Marlene, adding, “The PLLs are in grave jeopardy throughout the finale.”

11. Officer Wilden is back and ready for action! We thought we’d seen the last of Officer Wilden (Bryce Johnson) when Spencer’s mom got him kicked off Alison’s case, but he’s baaaaaaack! Marlene King tells Zap2it, “He is back in the finale. I’m not going to say what he’s doing, or how he’s back, but he is back.” Sounds terrifying!

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