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The Vampire Diaries

Spoilers! Kevin Williamson Says “Every Single One” of the Originals Will Make an Appearance in Season 3

“Bad” is the word this season on The Vampire Diaries! Executive producer Kevin Williamson talked to The Insider about what those of us who have been biting our nails all summer can expect when Season 3 starts in less than a month, and it’s all good. And by good, we mean bad. Very, very bad.

First, we have Stefan — or Ripper Stefan as we’re now calling him — who is morphing into a maniacal mess. (Going on a killing spree with Klaus will do that.) But Williamson says the elder Salvatore doesn’t go berserk all at once. “It’s an incremental change,” Williamson says. “It's not just The Ripper — it's a whole arc and we go through every single beat of it. It changes all along the way.” He adds, “The fun of this season will be watching Stefan go through this intense and bloody journey. Very bloody."

And Klefan (as fans have dubbed the duo) are far from the only vein-biting villains whose antics we’ll witness this season. Quick refresher for those who forgot: Klaus “is the bastard child of this entire family that we haven't met yet” and Williamson says if all goes according to plan, we’ll meet “every single one” of the Originals as the story of his lineage unfolds. That’s a lot of evil in one place!

Source: The Insider