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Pretty Little Liars

When Does Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Come Back?

UPDATE: Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Winter premiere is on Monday, January 2 at 8 PM ET/PT.

It’s hard to believe that the summer finale of Pretty Little Liars is already upon us, and then we’ll have yet another interminable hiatus until the show returns. (Luckily, ABC Family has delivered us The Lying Game to keep us mildly titillated in the interim.)

So when does the show actually come back? Following the mid-season finale on August 30, the show will take a two-month hiatus and return just in time for a Halloween special, which will be a prequel showing the girls prior to Alison’s death. As Lucy Hale (Aria) explained during a recent set visit: "The Halloween episode is very cool because it’s all a flashback, it’s a prequel and it’s from Alison’s perspective... It’s pre-A, it’s pre-death, so life is good, [the girls] are carefree and you actually get to see the girls laughing and smiling. So it’s very fun."

That’s Season 2, Episode 13, “The First Secret” — but that Halloween episode is just a one-off to tide us over during the hiatus. Viewers can expect the second half of Season 2 to return in January 2012, which is when the second half of Season 1 premiered last year.

But since the cast and crew are already shooting the winter season, details are sure to leak out soon. Keep up with Wetpaint Entertainment for all the spoilers, secrets, and sneak peeks as we count down the days until Pretty Little Liars returns!