5 Reasons Why We (Now) Love Michelle Money
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The Bachelorette

5 Reasons Why We (Now) Love Michelle Money

It’s time we admit it: We love Michelle Money. Yeah, so she was scarily aggressive at times with crazy eyes to match during her Bachelor Season 15 tenure, but things change. People change. Editing techniques change.

The result? A much sweeter, more likeable, hotter Michelle on Bachelor Pad Season 2. (Okay, so she was always hot, whatevs.) And we’re not the only ones who think so. Her Pad-mates — and some other Bachelor franchise alums — are also smitten with her, so that’s gotta say something about how she really is when the cameras aren’t rolling. Still not convinced? Check out our five reasons why you should get on the Money wagon:

5 Reasons Why We (Now) Love Michelle Money
Credit: Rick Rowell/ABC Television Group ©2010 Disney    

1. She’s oh so stylish: Even while she was turning viewers — and eventually, Brad Womack — off with her (seemingly) manipulative ways, she was turning us on with her impeccable fashion choices. It’s no wonder that one of our favorite pieces from Season 15 — the chunky turquoise teardrop necklace from Episode 2 (see pic right) — was auctioned off for charity. She continues to overshadow in the wardrobe department on BP2. And we’re not the only ones who are impressed.

2. She’s a Mama Bear: When Michael Stagliano chose her — along with Erica Rose and Michael’s ex Holly Durst — for his first BP2 date, she didn’t plot and scheme to get the immunity rose, but rather pulled Michael aside to simply... just... talk. About his broken heart. And when Blake Julian needed a good talking to about his behavior towards Melissa Schreiber, she took time out of her date — not to mention, quality Graham Bunn cuddling time — to sternly (but sweetly) dole out some advice to the distraught dentist. Then again, she is a mom. Just a super cool, super hot one.

3. She could prob kick some major butt: And that’s not a bad thing. We like a girl with a little fiyah in her. Of course, when the butt-kicking was directed at herself, as on The Bachelor, it’s less cool and more creepy. But we’ll let that slide. Matter of fact, let’s just let that whole season slide.

4. She says the darnedest things: And they are awesome. So much so that we couldn’t help but compile a list of some of her BEST quotes after Brad gave her the boot in Anguilla (Episode 7). But just because she’s sweeter on BP2, doesn’t mean she hasn’t offered up some morsels of her signature sass:

5 Reasons Why We (Now) Love Michelle Money
Credit: via Michelle Money's Twitter    

5. She’s a girl with a cause: Aside from making fireworks, Michelle had another hope for her stay at (and conquering of) the Pad — to donate part of her winnings toward cancer research. (Her father recently passed away from colon cancer.) But she’s not waiting ‘til the finale gets filmed to start her do-gooding, teaming up with fellow Padawan and close friend Graham Bunn’s charitable T-shirt line to design a shirt would that raises awareness for the cause so close to her heart. Get your shopping finger ready for whenever those become available!

BONUS REASON: Oh, remember that dude, Graham we mentioned earlier? Yeah, she may be dating him in real life (aka post-Bachelor world). And after that kiss in Episode 3, looks like Michelle didn’t have to wait ‘til the finale to create those fireworks. Even The Stag agrees. Hot!

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08.27.2011 / 12:19 AM EDT by Semhar Debessai
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