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Exclusive: Tamala Jones Reveals Details on a Very Gruesome Murder! Plus, Lanie/Esposito Scoop!

With just a few weeks left until the Season 4 premiere of Castle on ABC, we caught up with the amazing Tamala Jones to give us a hint of just how much awesomeness we can expect.

In Part 1 of our exclusive Wetpaint Entertainment interview, Tamala, who plays medical examiner Lanie Parish, tells us about the drama that threatens to tear apart Lanie and Javier Esposito (Jon Huertas), fills us in on Nathan Fillion's return to onset goofing — and drops a few choice spoilers about some truly grizzly Castle murders we’ll be seeing soon!

Wetpaint Entertainment: Last time we spoke, you said Lanie would have a lot more to do this season. Is that how it’s turning out?

Tamala Jones: Yeah! They’ve had me a lot more involved in the crime scenes, even the secondary crime scenes that we’ve had. Some of the detective work happens after I’ve gone and autopsied the body. There were certain cases where I had to go out in the field with Beckett (Stana Katic) to get the other part of the evidence so I could continue my job, which I thought was brilliant, how they incorporated that.

They are adding a lot more Lanie. And there are a lot more sassy lines that you’re going to get from me, which I love.

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Do you have any particularly gruesome examinations this season?

Well, with the crimes that are happening, the murder victims, it calls for Lanie to really show her skills a lot more just because ... OK , I’ll tell you one and I hope they just — they’re gonna kill me — but we have someone that was murdered and buried in cement.

So Lanie has got to get cement off and then we discover some other things that were on the body once that happens. The crime scenes are a little bit more crazy this season.

Is there any trouble ahead for Lanie and Esposito, or are things going to keep heating up?

I think you’re going to get both. It’s just going to be a nice balance. You know, Lanie has a little jealous streak and there was a situation at the crime scene where the murder victim was a famous person and she had the Lindsay Lohan/Paris Hilton syndrome, you know where a celebrity gets out of the car and you see she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

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So Ryan and Esposito have a conversation and I guess and they forgot Lanie was standing there. So you see a little sass between Lanie and Esposito in that particular scene, which I think Ryan’s going to go nuts over because you know Lanie’s got such a smart mouth. It’s just regular relationship blues that you’re gonna see.

You know, it happens. I don’t think we’re gonna break up but there’s going to be some tension there. And likely so. At this point, I would say that the honeymoon stage is over.

How did you spend your vacation?

I worked a little bit. I always like to do something right after we finish Castle because I’ll feel guilty if I don’t. So I worked on an independent movie called Things Never Said, starring Shanola Hampton from the show Shameless, myself, and Omari Hardwick. After that I went to the Dominican Republic and I was there by myself enjoying a wonderful vacation.

What was it like to get back to work on Castle?

It was refreshing. You know, you work with these people every day and the become your secondary family and then for almost three months I hadn’t seen everyone or spoken to any of the guys. And they were all off doing movies or vacationing or both.

But it was great to come back and learn that we had a new cast member [Penny Johnson as Captain Victoria “Iron” Gates] who I am huge fan of. We just jumped right back into work. Right after vacation time, it was photo shoot time and then we cracked shooting again, so it was great.

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Have any of the boys started pulling pranks yet?

No not yet. It’s getting ready to rev up, because the other day I was on set in a construction site and there was a lot of dust and dirt around there. I can’t tell you what the crime scene was but it’s a good one.

And Nathan has water in the coffee cup we see him and Beckett always coming up to the crime scene with. [Laughing] And he’s waiting until people are turned around, having a conversation and he’s wetting them. I thought, “Uh-oh, he’s getting ready.” Everyone was looking around going, “What is that?”

And he’s telling people that they’ve peed on themselves.

So it’s getting ready to get busy with the pranks. You’ve got to be careful. You’ve got to look over your shoulder and make sure Nathan’s not coming up behind you, because it’s getting warmer now.

Want more dish from Tamala? Come back next week for Part 2 of her interview!

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