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The Secret Circle

Witches Unite! Secret Circle’s Britt Roberson Wants to Join Forces With TVD’s Kat Graham

The Secret Circle and The Vampire Diaries are not only on the same television network (the CW) and share the same executive producer (Kevin Williamson) but they’re also based off of books by the same author, L.J. Smith. What about this supernatural pairing doesn’t make sense for a crossover?

The Secret Circle’s head witch in charge, Britt Roberson, told FEARnet all about her hopes for a merging of the two magical worlds: “I think it would be cool. Maybe not with the entire show, but I think it would be cool to do a separate section with Kat [Graham], who plays the witch.”

However, Britt says she doesn’t think the Circle witches will be meeting the vampires anytime soon. “I asked the creators, Kevin and Andrew [Kreisberg] about that, and they didn't really see it happening right now. Because they're really trying to make sure our show is separated and people don't melt them together; and we need to stand out on our own.”

Source: FEARnet