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True Blood

RIP Tommy! 5 Reasons We Love(d) Tommy Mickens on True Blood

Out of all the bodies six feet under in Bon Temps, we’ll miss Tommy Mickens the most. Yeah, he kind of had it coming, and sure, he was a multi-murderer — but shifter just needed a hug.

In tribute to Tommy’s memory, we’ve rounded up the top 5 reasons he earned a place in our truebie hearts.

1. His hot body: Tommy lived in Bon Temps, so of course he was rocking a hot body. How we’ll miss those carefree days of naked morphing.

2. His family values: With exception to that whole "killing his parents and feeding them to alligators" fiasco, Tommy was all about family. Don’t believe us? Then why did he sacrifice his own life to save Sam?

3. His Southern accent: All the characters on True Blood rock a Southern twang (some better than others ... ), but there was something especially melodic about Tommy’s voice. We could listen to him try to read for hours. Emphasis on the “try.”

4. His charm: Tommy was a little rough around the edges, but he knew how to charm his way into a girl’s pants. Remember when he hit up Jessica with “You gave me total wood?” Suave, Tommy.

5. His badass shifter skills: Tommy was all about making the most of his shifter capabilities. If he had stuck around for longer, it would only have been a matter of time before he shifted into a dragon or a unicorn, which is way less creepy than Sam turning into a bunny and letting a little girl stroke him.

RIP, Tommy. You’ll be missed!

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