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True Blood

Top 15 True Blood Quotes From Season 4, Episode 10: ”Burning Down The House”

As season 4 of True Blood winds down, what’s the point in capping this list at ten when every line that comes out of Eric’s mouth is golden? We’ve taken it to the next level and rounded up the top 15 (count ‘em!) quotes from season 4, episode 10, “Burning Down The House” for you to enjoy. Drink up!

1. Eric: “I haven’t changed. I’m just more. The other Eric is still here.”

Nothing about this sentence makes sense, yet it’s all so beautiful.

2. Nan threatens Bill: “When I get out of here at dark, your goddamn goose is cooked.”

Dang, and we thought Bill spoke like he was straight out of the 1800s.

3. Jessica eye-rolls at Jason: “Listen to you. God, talk about bromance.”

If Baby V thinks Hoyt and Jason are bromantic, clearly she hasn’t met Eric and Bill.

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4. Jessica peaces out of her fang bang: “F***ing humans. I’m gonna go find someone to eat.”

Maybe she should head for the woods — all of Bon Temps’ locals have sex there, so it should be drenched in bodily fluids.

5. Nan asks Bill about Sookie: “What’s the deal with your little dairy maid and her lightening trick?”

Apparently, Sookie looks like she belongs with an udder in her hands.

6. Eric mocks Bill: “Lovable, isn’t he?”

We get the feeling Eric is being sarcastic.

7. Sam mourns Tommy: “I’m so fucking sad.”

Real men don’t cry. They just announce their emotions.

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8. Terry comes clean: “No drugs for me ... except the anti-psychotics.”

Don’t worry, Terry, we still love you. Especially after than manly gun action.

9. Random hippie wiccan: “Magic is not stronger than technology.”

False. Marnie gets by fine and she doesn’t even know how to use a cell phone.

10. Antionia commands her troops: “Come on, robots.”

Um...isn’t she from the 1600s? How does she know what a robot is?

11. Hoyt drops by Jason’s for a bite to eat: “I had a beer for breakfast, what else you got?”

If this dude were anymore depressed, he’d be Bill.

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12. Jason complains about Hoyt to Sookie: “He drank eleven of my beers, passed out and started farting. Continuously.”

That’s a surefire way to win Jessica back!

13. Lafayette trash talks Marnie: “If she would have goddamn let her parakeet rest in peace, then Eric Northman and Bill Compton wouldn’t be marching on Moongoddess to blow up my fu**ing cousin.”

When in doubt, blame the dead bird.

14. Terry offers Andy a rifle: “If you don’t see something you like, I got the bows and arrows hid over there.”

Is Terry auditioning for a part in The Hunger Games?

15. Marnie commands her vampires: “Kill, my slaves. Kill the King.”

Guess Eric isn’t the only one who wants Bill dead.

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