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The Kardashians

Top 5 Most Ridiculous Moments from Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Season 6, Episode 11

The Bora Bora vay cay continues and so do the Kardashian family’s off-the-wall antics! Let’s just say, E! totally knew what they were doing putting these eight crazies on one inescapable tropical island. Here are the top 5 OMG-worthy moments from Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Season 6, Episode 11:

5. Kim reverts to her childhood self.
Or maybe she just never grew up. Either way, we’re appalled by Kim’s childish behavior after she ‘loses’ her $75k earring in the ocean and immediately bursts into tears. We mean, we get that it ‘might not be insured yet,’ but you’re a Kardashian! Can’t you just buy another one? As sister Kourtney tells Kim, “there are people who are dying” out there. Way to be insensitive, Kim!

4. Kris Humphries rocks the boat.
We know he’s just trying to fit in with this famously silly family, but after Kris throws Kim in the ocean and induces tears, you’d think anyone with a sense of what’s right and wrong would lighten up on the pranks. Not this guy! Kris also shoves Rob into shark-infested waters, and later, ‘playfully’ tips the canoe Mama Kris and Kourtney are paddling around in, causing them to ruin their hair and makeup. Kris says he doesn’t get why the women are so upset about their hair getting wet. Clearly, Kris Humphries has never been a woman. Or had manners.

3. Kris ‘the Tanker’ Jenner loses touch with reality.
After popping out six kids and running booming, million dollar biz for several years, we’re surprised Kris Jenner isn’t some shriveled, old, stressed-out wrinkly mess. But this overly critical Momager does not agree! By the middle of the trip, Kris has lost all faith in her hotness, and when Scott mentions a “tanker” in the ocean, Mama J assumes he is comparing her body to a hundred-ton ship. Um...Kris, the only thing that large here is your ego!

2. Scott comes clean about his alcohol binge.
Scott telling the truth? If that isn’t the most ridiculous thing we’ve ever seen on this show, well, we don’t know what is! Scott decides that it’s best to tell Kourtney about his recent drunk escapades while lounging in the pool. Maybe he thinks she’ll be more relaxed about the fact that he’s completely gone back on his word because they’re on a tropical island where she can’t get away from him? Or maybe he just so happened to remember that everything he’s done on camera will eventually be revealed to her anyway?

1. Scott and Rob’s bromance is back on.
After a near-brawl between the former bros at dinner, Scott decides to confront Rob about their shattered bromance. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes – or beers – for the duo to decide it’s time to give it another try. The happy couple then decide to consummate their love with an oceanside bike ride – with a bike that they pedal right into the ocean. But what we love most is that after Rob abandons Scott in the water with the dejected bike, a sad-eyed (and drunk) Scott calls after his little bro to come back and help him move the bike to no avail. Maybe this relationship isn’t gonna work out after all!