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Secret Life of the American Teenager

5 Biggest WTF Moments From Secret Life Season 4, Episode 12: “Pomp”

Do you love Secret Life of the American Teenager unconditionally? So do we! But sometimes we scratch out heads and go: “What the whaaaa?”

If you ended this episode filled with Secret Life joy, but also some mild confusion about certain teens and their sexy antics, you’re in luck! We’ve rounded up the biggest WTF moments from season 4, episode 12, “Pomp.”

1. Who is Mrs. McGillicuddy?

In a fevered excitement over being able to graduate on time, Adrian hugged Counselor Katelyn and said, “Thanks Mrs. McGillicuddy!” Nope, no explanation.

All you I Love Lucy fans out there know Mrs. McGillicuddy is Lucy’s maiden name, so we assume this is some sort of mis-placed reference to the good old days of television. But honestly, at this point, we don’t even question Secret Life’s subtle genius.

2. Is Jack a robot?

It’s just a typical day at school: The hallways are empty because everyone’s busy getting pregnant and Jack is staring blankly into an empty locker without moving. Seriously, is this dude OK? It looks like his STI has finally shut down the motor skills’ side of his brain. We knew this day would come.

3. What’s a graduation prayer?

Last we checked, Grant High was a public school so what is Jack doing reciting what we assume is a Christian prayer at graduation? What about all the kids who belong to other religions? Political correctness fail, Secret Life!

4. Did Ricky and Amy forget that they have a kid?

So, it looks like Ricky and Amy have once again forgotten about Baby John’s existence. While they’re busy swapping spit, Baby John is just standing there holding his toy all, “Uhm, guys? This is me being traumatized.”

Thank god Ramy realized what they were doing before Ricky ab-flashed, because at that point permanent damage to John’s retinas would have been done.

5. How old is Omar?

No offense to the always handsome DeVaughn Nixon, but Omar looks like he’s about 30. For some reason, the Secret Life makeup artists styled him to look way older than his years, which just makes us think that Adrian is hooking up with a perv.

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