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About Last Night: DWTS Goes Gay, Paul Rudd Goes Nude

Literally everything happened on TV last night. Fortunately, while you were off at your interpretive dance class, the intertubes captured it all in bite-size pieces for easy digestion.

Firstly, the new cast of DWTS was announced last night. Our reaction: WTF?! — but in a good way. We applaud the producers for their commitment to diversity — hello, Carson Kressley and Chaz Bono — and Nancy Grace may just be the single greatest addition to the roster in the show's 12-season history. We hope she's paired with Maks, who's equally as mouthy. Catfight! [Watch at Gawker]

Adorable movie star Paul Rudd stopped by Chelsea Lately last night to be — what else? — adorable. Paul adorably recounted the filming of a nude scene in which, because of the placement of the camera, he had to be filmed entirely in the buff. Adorable. [Watch at AolTV]

In other news, William Shatner continues to confuse and surprise America. Because he can, Captain Kirk got Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson on all-fours to teach him about horseback riding. Oddly, the whole thing is made charming by Craig's willingness to play pony and Bill's uncanny ability to get anyone to do anything. [Watch at AolTV]

One episode in and it's already the Laura-Malaysia show on Basketball Wives LA. The ladies got into a bit of a tiff when, while dining, it was revealed that Malaysia's real name is "Laquisha" [sic], and Laura decided that made her a "rat." Needless to say, Malaysia didn't take too kindly to that assessment. The other ladies pretended to be doing other things — texting, eating, looking at passersby — until Malaysia and Laura stopped using their inside voices and got physical. [Watch at AolTV]