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Pretty Little Liars

Finale Scoop! PLL Creator Marlene King Goes on a Spoiler Frenzy via Twitter

Caution, spoilers ahead! Pretty Little Liars creator Marlene King posted the following tweet on August 29, “The only cure for finale fever is to tweet about it... this seems to relieve symptoms until the episode airs.”

Hey, if she’s offering!

Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

Here are the spoilers, courtesy of @imarleneking herself:

Finale spoiler... Alison's in the episode and you'll love something she tells a PLL. It's something we all sing every week. Wait, how does the song go again? “Two can keep a secret, if one of of them is ...” Oh! Uh-uh.

There's also an Emily scene that involves a very pretty dress and a tractor... as in farm. Intriguing...

There's a JARRETT (Jenna&Garrett) scene that may blow your minds. Hopefully not another makeout sesh. We can’t take any more of those.

Marlene also threw in some spoilers from Episode 12, airing on August 30, for good measure:

I can tell Ezria fans that the big Jackie showdown is tomorrow. It's goin' down. Who will be left standing? We’re rooting for Aria all the way!

Nothing can be the same for Ezria after tomorrow night. Yikes.

Last spoiler for now... Caleb delivers one of my fave PLL lines ever... and it's to Kate. Caleb’s back! And standing up for his lady. Aww.

08.30.2011 / 06:24 AM EDT by Beth Douglass
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