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The Lying Game

“I Haven’t Gotten My Official Invitation to the Wolf Pack” and More Lying Game Quotes From Season 1, Episode 3: “Double Dibs”

There were so many hilarious one-liners in The Lying Game Episode 3 that we could barely contain our LOLz! You’re in for a treat, Gamers: We’ve rounded up the Top 10 quotes from “Double Dibs.” Buckle up, it’s gonna be a snarktastic ride.

1. Laurel (Allie Gonino) welcomes Ethan (Blair Redford) to the family: “So Ethan. Gotta ask how was prison?”

Well, that’s a conversation starter.

2. Char (Kristen Prout) preps for some serious retail therapy: “There’s a sale on at Bloomies, which usually feels just as good as having a boyfriend, not that I would know.”

Who needs a boyfriend when you have a closet full of shoes?

3. Laurel flirts with Justin: “The Get up Kids played this park last spring, and that was free.”

A reference to a ‘90s emo reunion tour? Well done, TLG.

4. Ethan chats about how he and Sutton (Alexander Chando) met: “After that we took a little ride on my motorcycle. I wanted to take her up to the overlook off Route 18. There was this rising moon that night, it was incredible.”

Be still our beating hearts!

5. Char warns Emma (Alexander Chando) about Ethan: “Don’t let him breathe on you. And watch the spittle. STPs, so serious –– we’re learning all about them in bio.”

STPs, the most dangerous thing since TDHs (Tall Dark and Handsoms).

6. Ethan works his stud magic: “The alcove. Five minutes.”

Clearly, this boy’s been watching too much Criminal Intent.

7. Ethan puckers up to the wrong girl: “I like the Emma version.”

Sigh, it’s so hard to pick which hot twin you’re going to make out with...

8. Char calls dibs on Justin: “I know we both saw him at the same time, but he’s perfect for me, don’t you think! So Ken to my Barbie!”
Justin has way better hair than Ken, Char.

9. Laurel stays loyal to Char: “I haven’t gotten my official invitation to the wolf pack, and if I go after her new crush, I probably never will.”

Don’t worry, Laurel. Jacob Black will strip off his shirt and invite you to the wolf pack one of these days.

10. Sutton questions Thayer: “Are you sure this isn’t about you? Your video game aps? It’s so competitive, you hear all the time about gamer espionage.”

Yeah, right after corporate espionage, gamer espionage is the most dangerous scheme to hit the US of A.

08.30.2011 / 10:44 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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