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The Vampire Diaries

Kayla Ewell Talks Season 3’s ‘Twists and Turns’

There’s been a ton of buzz about Kayla Ewell’s (Vicki Donovan) return to The Vampire Diaries as Jeremy Gilbert’s dead vampire ex and rightfully so. In a recent interview, Kayla tells myFanbase her character Vicki is “right in the middle” of all the “action and romance.” As if Vicki would be anywhere else!

That means Vicks will be causing all types of trouble for the littlest Gilbert, who was the first to get a glimpse of the undead gal in the season finale. But the former Freaks and Geeks star says the show will explore more of Vicki’s relationships as she wreaks havoc on Mystic Falls. A big focus will be also on her and her on-screen brother, Matt, played by Zach Roerig. Kayla says, “The writers have really started to explore the brother/sister relationship of Vicki and Matt. It’s been emotional and chilling at the same time.”

Kayla also teased a few more tidbits about Season 3, saying there have been a lot of night shoots and stunts, and that, “The fans will be very pleased with the unexpected twists and turns.” It wouldn’t be TVD without one or six surprises per episode, right?

Source: myFanbase