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The Lying Game

Meet (More of) the Parents: Recap of The Lying Game, Season 1, Episode 3: “Double Dibs”

Arizona: Barren desert by day; land of plotting, scheming, and lecherous DILFs by night. If you’re dying to know what’s going down in Sutton’s and Emma’s (Alexander Chando) dramalicious lives, check out Wetpaint Entertainment’s recap of The Lying Game Season 1, Episode 3, “Double Dibs.”

Sexy Spoiler Alert: Ladies, prepare your ovaries for a shirtless and freshly waxed Ethan (Blair Redford)!

Dream of Californication

Sutton’s been mighty mysterious about her vigilante mission in L.A., but things start making a bit more sense when she meets up with Mads’ brother Thayer (Christian Alexander), looking for help finding her biological mother. You see, Sutton may have been brought up in a world of privilege, swag, and multiple boyfriends, but it’s just not good enough. She’s convinced her adoptives are hiding something from her — other than the fact that she had a long-lost twin, of course.

Thayer uses his nerdy computer skills to track down a librarian named Ruth Peterson, who he thinks might be Sutton’s mom — but when they confront Ruth, she insists that she was paid to put her name on Sutton’s and Emma’s birth certificates by a “baby broker” who was keeping their real mom’s name a secret. Ruth also claims that Emma was adopted by a family in Beverly Hills — so how did she end up in foster care?

Sounds all kinds of sketchy.

Meanwhile, Sutton remembers that she has a secret boyfriend back in Arizona, so she calls Ethan up for a video chat. Of course, he’s half naked and sprawled out on his bed during their entire conversation, which consists of Sutton attempting to explain herself while Ethan pouts through his ‘90s rocker hair. Ethan reveals that he kissed Emma, which Sutton is none too happy about, so she breaks out the L-word in an attempt to mark her territory.

Credit: Bill Records/ABC Family    

After Sutton’s busy day of meeting strangers in sketchy places, eye-sexing her boyfriend, and looking fab, she meets up with Randall Webster, Emma’s original adoptive father. He reveals that Emma was taken from him by her birth mom, and then he gives Sutton an old pic of Emma and their mother. Wait, so why didn’t Sutton and Emma’s mom try to get Sutton back as well?

Sutton decides to think things over at Thayer’s (ooh la la!), but when they go back to his place they realize that it’s been broken into and his laptop is “warm.” Ugh, don’t you hate that? These kids should really password protect their computers.

Teenage Dream

After almost a week of living a lie, Emma’s finally in the swing of being Sutton, so she puts on a cute blue romper and heads to school to dish about the father-daughter dance with her besties! Sigh, these girls are so glam! Unfortunately, their fabulous girl talk is interrupted when Daddy Alec (Adrian Pasdar) shows up out of nowhere (doesn’t this dude have a job?) and pulls Mads (Alice Greczyn) away to lecture her about family values.

Credit: Bill Records/ABC Family    

Apparently, breaking into an underage girl’s house and stealing her computer wasn’t quite creepy enough for Alec, so he calls up his withering teenage sidekick, Derek, and hires him to do another job — plant Sutton’s laptop in Ethan’s car. Dun, dun, dun!

Meanwhile, Sutton’s parents agree with Emma that Ethan should come over for family dinner so they can get to know him better, but Ethan is so not the “meet the parents” type. Emma promises to do her best to keep his relationship with Sutton a secret from her friends, but we all know gossip spreads faster than the plague. By the way, is it just us, or is Ethan dating the wrong twin? Emma’s like Sutton 2.0 — just as pretty, but way the hell nicer.

Speaking of forbidden loves, things seem to be heating up between Mads and her dance teacher, Eduardo. And when we say “heating up” we mean they’re totally, definitely making out.

Rolling in the Deep

So how does an awkward dinner between your pretend parents and fake boyfriend go from bad to worse? When the police come and pseudo-arrest him right in the middle of his romantic re-telling of your first motorcycle ride. That’s right: Officer Dan (Tyler Christopher) crashes the Mercers’ dinner party and accuses Ethan of breaking into Sutton’s room and stealing her laptop. Don’t. Even!

Ethan insists he’s being framed, but judging from the look of horror on Emma’s face, we’re not sure that she believes him. Later that night, he sneaks into Emma’s room to defend himself, but Emma sends him packing. Sigh, we don’t know how this girl manages to resist that floppy hair and those deep brown eyes.

Meanwhile, Laurel (Allie Gonino) dresses up in her cutest mini skirt, grabs her violin, and heads to... the middle of a random field. Just go with it. Of course, a sexy new kid named Justin jogs by and sees her practicing, and they have a flirty convo about their mutual love for The Get up Kids. Wait, we thought this show took place in 2011, not 1998.

Laurel asks for Emma’s help scoring a date with Justin, but Char (Kristen Prout) snatches him up faster than an on-sale pair of YSLs and plans a pool party to get his attention. Bikini bash! Luckily, Emma overrides The Lying Game “dibs” code by giving Justin Laurel’s address so he can swing by later that night to ask her out. Awwwww!

Love is in the air, so Emma ditches the pool party and books it over to Ethan’s to apologize, which, of course, leads to an almost-makeout sesh. Too bad Sutton has dibs on that hot piece. After being rejected by her sister’s man, Emma heads back to her place to longingly gaze at pics of Ethan on the computer. She gets interrupted by a video-call from Sutton, who wants to fill Emma in on the haps in L.A., and show her the pic of their birth mom. How emotional! Or at least it would be, if Alec Rybak wasn’t creepily staring at Sutton through a window and ruining those lovin’ feelings....

What’s the deal with Alec and why is he so obsessed with Sutton and Emma? Tune into an all new Lying Game next Monday at 9/8c to find out.out!

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