OMG! Is Maya “A”?
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Pretty Little Liars

OMG! Is Maya “A”?

All the characters on Pretty Little Liars have made our “A” list at some point or another, but usually we suspect people who are, you know, actually on the show. But what about Maya (Bianca Lawson)? She entered Emily (Shay Mitchell)’s life at the same time “A” did, and left the show just as things with “A” started heating up. We know, we know — you ‘shippers love yourselves some Emaya, but hear us out.

Check out 4 reasons we think Maya is moonlighting as a serial stalker with magic massage hands!

1. She’s rocking new boots! Take a look at this sneak peek clip from the PLL summer finale: Hanna (Ashley Benson) crashes Emaya’s hang sesh, but before she peaces out, she compliments Maya on “this season’s” boots and Maya looks completely deranged. Pay attention to Maya’s feet next season, because if she’s rocking Tory Burch, we’ll all know it’s time to run for the hills.

2. She lived in Ali’s house! Maya moved into Ali (Sasha Pieterse)’s house after the DiLaurentis family moved out, so she had access to all of Ali’s secrets. We already know Ali kept boxes of undeveloped film and creepy dolls stashed away, and who knows what else this girl was hiding in her closet of couture dresses. More importantly, what did Maya find?

3. Was she really at juvie? Maya’s been at juvie camp since the beginning of Season 1, so she technically has an alibi — but think about it: We never actually saw Maya at camp, and the one time Emily called her she was totally sketchy. For all we know, this girl has been living out in the woods somewhere with a couple cans of red paint as her only company.

4. She has motive to target Emily! It’s no secret that “A” has it out for Emily, which completely makes sense if “A” is Maya! Maya is like that boy you had a crush on in middle school — he teased you mercilessly, but really he just wanted to make out with you under the bleachers. It looks like Maya might have a serious case of the delusional stalker jellies.

Have we convinced you, PLLers?

08.30.2011 / 09:39 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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